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Today, cutting-edge technological TV antennas are quickly replacing cable TVs. Indeed, having an affordable TV antenna can save you a lot of money because that way, you won’t have to pay for the costly cable TV services or subscriptions. This also allows you to watch your favorite television shows as well as sports channels at the most affordable prices than cable TV subscriptions – which are usually very expensive.

A modern TV antenna contains a bunch of wires, which have the ability to pick up the broadcast signals from different TV networks. If you want to watch TV, then it is no surprise to tell you that you need an antenna to pick up broadcast stations. Your TV antenna actually receives the signal and then converts signals into video/audio signals, which can be displayed on the TV. Thus, in this way, you watch your favorite TV program or show.

Top 5 Best Outdoor TV Antenna Picks Quick View

Winegard HD8200U Platinum VHF/UHF HDTV Antenna (65 Miles+, Digital, 4K Ultra High-Def Ready)
Channel Master EXTREMEtenna Long Range Multi-Directional Outdoor TV Antenna - 80 Mile Range - Preassembled - Install on Rooftop or Attic |...
TV Antenna, 1byone Amplified Outdoor Digital HDTV Antenna 85-100 Miles Range with VHF/UHF Signal, Built-in High Gain and Low Noise Amplifier,...
Channel Master
Winegard HD8200U Platinum VHF/UHF HDTV Antenna (65 Miles+, Digital, 4K Ultra High-Def Ready)
Channel Master EXTREMEtenna Long Range Multi-Directional Outdoor TV Antenna - 80 Mile Range - Preassembled - Install on Rooftop or Attic |...
Channel Master
TV Antenna, 1byone Amplified Outdoor Digital HDTV Antenna 85-100 Miles Range with VHF/UHF Signal, Built-in High Gain and Low Noise Amplifier,...

The advancement in antenna technology also allows people to watch TV stations at their homes in rural areas. If you are living in a rural area, you can simply grab a modern TV antenna that comes with long-range signal reception – this will allow you to watch all of your TV programs with a high-quality picture. There are many TV antenna products available on the market. However, many of them are expensive and yet not provide what you are looking for.

Therefore, it is important that you choose a product that best fits your needs. Your antenna will capture as many channels as you want – however, you also need to consider the factor of the rural area. For example, the number of TV channels that your antenna will attract largely depends on the area you are living in.

So much so, with many options for satellite or cable TV, we won’t blame you if you are considering the option of having TV antenna. It is no secret that many of these options such as having a cable TV are expensive. A cable TV is likewise not a good option if you just want to keep up to date with your favorite programs or sports channels. Also, if you are paying for a lower-priced subscription, then again, a TV antenna is a much more reliable option.

Moreover, if you want to avoid expensive subscriptions, you have a great choice to buy a modern TV antenna. Obviously, it is not free – however, by purchasing a modern TV antenna, you just have to pay a one-time fee. One of the best solutions is to buy an outdoor TV antenna.

Rural TV antennas do not mean they will work only in rural areas. Obviously, they will also work in city areas as well. Then again, you need to know that the products that we are going to review in this article are specifically designed for people who are living in rural areas. We recommend you to keep reading this article in a thorough manner so that you get the most out of it!

Best Outdoor Antenna for rural areas

Like we said above, there are many antennas available on the market – however, not all of them are best and work according to your specific needs. This is why we have done a lot of research and based on our personal experience, we are going to give you a list of top 5 outdoor TV antennas for rural areas. Continue reading!

1.   Winegard HD8200U Platinum

Winegard HD8200U Platinum
  • Long Range Outdoor TV Antenna - The Winegard HD8200U outdoor HD TV antenna receives both Low-VHF High-VHF and UHF...
  • 65+ Mile Range - VHF and UHF directional TV antenna delivers 65+ mile range Mount outside for maximum range and clearest...
  • Free TV Programming - Free ota programming has more options and more channels than ever before Watch local news and...

Winegard allows you to watch free HD TV channels, which attract signals from up to sixty-five miles from a tower. It can likewise receive low and high VHF and UHF signals. You can also watch 4k high-definition TV channels. The vertical height of this antenna product is 33 inches and it is made from steel hardware such as zinc for maximizing corrosion resistance. The antenna can receive up to 73 channels.

2.   Channel Master CM-4228HD

Channel Master CM-4228HD
  • Enjoy the Most Popular HDTV Channels and Your Favorite TV Shows for Free with no Subscription Fees
  • Supports Uncompressed 1080i HDTV Broadcasts for the Highest Quality Video and Audio Available (Better than Cable &...
  • Multi-Directional (180 Degree Reception Span) with 80+ Mile Range

Channel Master is second on our list of best outdoor TV antennas for rural areas. This product can pick up free TV from different networks in HD quality. Many people regard this TV antenna as one of the most top-performing as well as a long-range outdoor antenna.

The rage of reception is up to 80 miles along with multi-directional angle of up to 180 degrees. When it comes to the gain of the product, the reception is powerful – i.e. up to 12bB gain. The product can likewise preassemble for easy and quick installation on different areas of your home such as the roof, wall, chimney, wall, and attic, etc.

3.   1byone Amplified Outdoor Antenna

1byone Amplified Outdoor Antenna
  • Free for Life - Never pay your cable or satellite fee for television again! You can get all local channels crystal clear...
  • The Best Picture and Sound Quality - You can now experience HDTV in the highest quality picture and sound available....
  • Included Mounting Pole and Built-in High Gain and Low Noise Amplifier -J-shape pole for antenna installation; super long...

The range of frequency is between 230 MHz and 860 MHz – and the receiving range is both UHF and VHF. The product has built-in amplified gain – i.e. 21-23 dB VHF along with 26-28 dB UHF. When it comes to the impedance of this product, the antenna has 75 OHM impedance. The power supply input of 1byone outdoor antenna is AC 110 V 60 Hz. Likewise, the output of power supply is DC 12 V 100 mA. The product comes with a twenty-four-month warranty.

4.   Bowtie Indoor/Outdoor Antenna – HDTV

Bowtie Indoor/Outdoor Antenna – HDTV
  • Country of origin : Taiwan
  • Special Brackets Allow The 2 Antenna Panels To Target Broadcast Towers In Multiple Directions
  • Great For Outdoor & Attic Use

Bowtie antenna has a range of seventy miles – has 470 MHz to 698 MHz frequency – as well as can receive 15-70 channels in the United States. This antenna is UHF. The antenna has the ability to receive free TV networks such as CBS, ABC, NBC, CW, Univision, PBS, Fox, etc. – all in FullHD 1080.

Moreover, the multi-purpose arrangement of the antenna provides easy installation and flexibility in rural areas that have stations in various directions. The antenna has a 24.5-degree beam angle at 470 MHz – and at 698 MHz, the beam angle is 16.3 degrees – the range is likewise 70 miles.

The product also has DB8e – hardware that is all-weather mounting, which means that harsh weather conditions won’t affect the hardware material of the product. Also, this product offers a lifetime warranty on different parts.

5.   Xtreme Signal Long Range Yagi-style Antenna

Xtreme Signal Long Range Yagi-style Antenna
  • High-gain design allows for 70+ miles reception for UHF and 25 Miles for High Band VHF ensuring you get the most free HD...
  • Mounting hardware is compatible with masts 1.6" outer diameter and smaller. Also allows you to adjust antenna angle
  • Uses built-in transformer for direct 75 ohm (coax) connection, that is more weather proof than the old style, pigtail...

Xtreme Signal Yagi-style Antenna has higher gain, which is designed for allowing 70 miles of reception for UHF as well as 25 miles for VHF of the high band – making sure that you will get the free HD broadcasts in your area. In addition, the mounting hardware of this antenna is likewise compatible with masts, which is 1.6 inches outer diameter.

The antenna has a built-in transformer, which has 75 ohms connection – and is considered more weather-proof as compared to the traditional “pigtail” transformer. The antenna has strong reflector, which has the ability to reduce interference from the back – thus, it gives you better signal overall. Once purchased, you will have six months of limited warranty.

Things to consider before you buy a TV antenna

When buying a TV antenna, there are few things you need to consider because when you carefully buy an antenna, you will have value for your money and use the antenna to watch your favorite TV shows and/or sports programs as well as different channels in a reliable way. You may not know but the price is the most important factor but then again, it is not the only factor that you should consider. There are many other things that need to be taken into consideration. We will tell you about them briefly.

Channel accessibility

After the price, the second most important factor in determining how many channels and what channels can your antenna access. For instance, in a rural area, you will get fewer TV stations as compared to the city. This likewise depends on the distance of your antenna from the broadcast tower. In addition, it also depends on where your residence or place of living is and how high you have installed the antenna.

Online Tools

Well, this looks a bit weird, but there are various online tools, which can help you find out high-quality products. Such tools are easy-to-use and you can just put in some details in order to get the estimate regarding the number of channels you would be capable of watching.

Antenna Types

The alleged power of antennas is also an important factor to consider. You must know that the “power of antenna” actually refers to the “gain of the antenna,” which means how many channels it can really attract. By power, we do not mean the generation of power because antennas are not the products that can generate some sort of power. The gain – in this regard – has a significant impact on the antenna’s reception – so, you must concentrate on these factors.

Antenna Reception

Another important factor to consider – especially if you are living in rural areas. Therefore, you can either go for a rooftop option and/or the attic one. On the other hand, when you for an attic installation, you need to ensure that the antenna easily penetrates the materials of the roof. For example, if you have an aluminum roof, then, this is out of the question – so, you should set it up outside.

Antenna Frequency

The TV stations can broadcast over both VHF and UHF frequencies. If you are looking to have a wide range of TV channels, the antenna you purchase must have both VHF and UHF capabilities. For example, an antenna with a single frequency range can be very restrictive. This is why most experts don’t recommend buying an antenna that comes with a single frequency range.

Multi-directional antenna

When it comes to the antenna frequencies, you must also consider the multi-directional factor and compared it with the directional capability of the antenna. For example, a directional antenna usually points to a single direction as well as improve the signals, which are coming from there. On the other hand, a multi-directional antenna can receive different signals from many directions simultaneously.

Antenna’s interface and height

Another factor that you should take into account is the interference and height of the antenna. In cities, this is usually a bigger problem than in rural areas. Living in rural area means you won’t have much problem with the interference. If you have wireless devices in your home, you may face some interference issues.

Moreover, when you place your antenna outdoors, you will eliminate the problem of interference. In rural areas, there are no tall buildings – so, you are good to go. Height also boosts the quality of reception because even hills and trees can weaken or deflect the signals. So, we recommend you to place your antennas in higher places – for example, on your rooftop – making sure the best and quality reception.

Other important factors

Finding out what TV channels are available in the rural area, there are many online tools that you can use to find out the number of channels in your area. You just need to put in some details about your current location, you can find out your expected channels that your antenna can pick up.

More interestingly, you can decide what channels you are more interested in watching. For many people, this is just an easy and simple option. For example, they just follow the TV guide in the newspaper. On the other hand, many other people do it online – which is also acceptable. When you do it, you need to ensure your mark over the antenna or air as your provider.


Antennas are a much better option than TV cable subscriptions. It is because when you go for a TV cable, you will have to renew your subscription every month or every six months depending on the package you have acquired. In addition, if you are looking for a one-time investment for a long time, then you need to purchase a good antenna product.

Now, there is a wide range of products that you can purchase in a physical store in your area or order online. You need to consider a few factors before you opt to buy an antenna product. All of the factors important for making an informed decision have been mentioned in this article. When choosing an antenna, you need to thoroughly understand the factors and apply them during your purchase process – so that you have the product that fits your needs in the best possible way. Good Luck!


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