Best Portable TV in 2021 – Top Picks

The primary benefit of the best portable TV over other types of TVs is portability. For instance, a portable 10 inch TV is light and compact, which you can carry easily from one place to another within your home.

Also, you can transport it to a caravan. It is also made of strong material and can operate without the mains power supply for a specific period. Although, 7 inch portable TVs may not offer the same quality picture and sound as 24 inch or 32 inch TVs, still, it offers a good value.

In today’s article, we will talk about the best portable TV products, their most important features, and the buying guide highlighting key factors to considering when purchasing a portable TV. Read on!

Best Portable TV Top List

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Best Portable TV with Reviews

Here are the best portable TV products in 2021. The selection of the following portable TVs is based on our extensive research and personal experience.

8. Milanix MX7 7 inch LCD TV

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Milanix MX7 is a 7 inch portable LCD TV that comes with a variety of features and functionalities including USB and SD card slots, removable antennas, AV inputs, and built-in digital tuner. Milanix offers crystal clear viewing and has access to numerous channels. It also has an earphone jack allowing the user to plug in earphones.

It comes with a lithium-ion battery and has inputs for external A/V playback. Besides, this TV has a remote control, rotary rod antenna, up & down TV stand, as well as ATSC and NTSC support.

All these features allow you to watch your favorite TV programming at home, RV, Caravan, and camping. Milanix MX7 supports JPG, MP3, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, FLV, MVC, and H.264 multimedia formats.

7. Axess 7 inch Portable LCD TV

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The Axess is a portable product with 7 inch LCD screen that provides an outstanding crisp picture quality. It supports a maximum of 800 x 480 resolution with an aspect ratio of 16:9 making it a good choice for travelers to watch high-quality videos.

The Axess is a travel-sized portable TV, which keeps people of all ages entertained. It is powered by a built-in rechargeable 900mAh battery allowing you to watch your favorite TV programming for two hours. Also, you can watch your stored TV shows, videos, movies via SD card reader or USB. It is an ideal portable TV for travelers and outdoor campers.

6. Supersonic SC-143 4 Inch TV

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Supersonic SC-143 is a 4 inch portable TV that offers a high-quality picture and gives you awesome viewing experience. It is a portable LED TV that comes with SD card and USB input. It supports both AC and DC to be used at home and outdoors. The compact 4-inch size makes it an extremely lightweight product that you can even carry it in your backpack.

Supersonic SC-143 allows the user to connect the device to other media sources including Chromecast, Roku, and Fire Stick. It also has a digital tuner and built-in FM radio, which offers an amazing video and audio experience, especially in outdoor camping. You don’t any external power source because it is a simple charge and play device. It is an ideal portable TV for outdoors, RV, kitchen, and on the go.

It comes with an easy-to-use and convenient remote control with useful inputs for your specific needs. Again, it is small, lightweight, and extremely portable with AV Line, Antenna, remote control, A/C adapter, and a one-year warranty – all these features make it the best portable TV in 2021.

5. Pyle PLTV1053 10 inch Portable TV

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The Pyle PLTV1053 is a 10 inch portable TV with a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery, USB and Micro SD reader slots along with Analog ATSC and DTV support. It is a high-resolution widescreen LCD portable TV with versatile media file playback and support AV. It has dual stereo speakers with front panel button control offering picture and audio configuration settings.

You can easily attach the Pyle 10 inch portable TV to your car front when driving your car. It offers high-quality sound via dual stereo speakers, which are built-in and have noise-cancellation features. It supports MP3, PMG, BMP, JPEG, and WMA input signals. You can enjoy your favorite videos on a full HD display. Thus, it is the best portable TV.

4. GJY 10 inch Portable TV

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GJY is one of the best portable TVs available on the market. It comes with a 2500 MAH lithium-ion battery. It comes with two chargers, i.e. an AC adapter and car charger. The GJY portable TV is designed specifically for outdoor camping, car, office, kitchen, and bedroom.

It has LCD widescreen display technology with 10.1 inches display size. It supports 1024 x 600 resolution with a ratio of 16:9. It supports ATSC and NTSC digital and analog TV tuner respectively. GJY Portable TV has an earphone jack, AV input Jack, and built-in speakers. It has both AC and DC operations. It also has a simple designed and fully functional remote control.

3. Supersonic SC-2812 Portable TV

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Supersonic is a 12 inch widescreen portable TV that has built-in ATSC and NTSC digital TV tuner. It supports high-resolution 1280 x 800. It has a 16:9 aspect ratio with 500 nits peak brightness and a contrast ratio of 300:1.

 Supersonic portable TV comes with a 165deg viewing angle along with multiple inputs such as USB input and microSD card input for A/V files from external devices. It comes with a rotary rod antenna, built-in speakers, and earphone jack. Supersonic portable TV has a seven 4-V Li-Poly battery. It is the best portable TV for use in boat, car, and RV.

2. Tyler TTV701 7 inch LCD TV

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Tyler TTV701 is a 7 inch portable LCD TV. It is rechargeable TV with a small and compact size. Tyler is a convenient portable TV with a wide range of features including DVD-player and gaming console connectivity. It has a built-in digital tuner supporting both ATSC and NTSC.

Tyler TTV701 is the best portable TV with multiple antenna options, channels, and advanced cutting-edge programming technology. It also has two high-powered antennas attached externally that make sure high-quality viewing.

This 7 inch TV is suitable for viewing at home, camping, RV, and in the backyard. It comes with an AC adapter, which is convenient for home use. Also, it has a DC adapter for automobile or RV use. Tyler TTV701 has a lithium-ion battery with 80 minutes uptime.

Tyler TTV701 has multiple inputs including a coaxial antenna input, USB, and SD card. It has two AV inputs. The TV supports various multimedia formats such as MPEG2, MPEG2-HD, MP3, JPG, MPEG4, FLV, MVC, H.264, and MPEG-4-HD. Moreover, it has a removable mounting pad, and the manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty. It is one of the best 7 inch portable TVs.

1. Tyler TTV703 10 inch Portable LCD TV

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The TTV703 10 inch LCD TV is another portable TV device from Tyler. It has a compact and small size that offers comfortable viewing in a car, boat, RV, and camping. It supports a full band ATSC/NTSC digital tuner. TTV703 is the best portable TV with crystal clear viewing. It supports multiple antennas and has an AC and DC adapter allowing you to use it at home and outdoors respectively.

Tyler TTV703 portable TV comes with a lithium-ion battery that offers an uptime of 80-100 minutes. Besides, it has one coaxial antenna, two AV, one USB, and one SD card slot inputs. Not only does it support multimedia and RCA inputs but you can also use it to play multiple formats including JPG, MP3, MPEG2-HD, MPEG-4-HD, MVC, FLV, and H.264.

Tyler TTV703 portable TV includes a built-in loudspeaker as well as a standard 3.5mm earphone jack. It also has a detachable display mounting pad. So, if you want to enjoy high-quality videos on a small screen, Tyler TTV703 is the best portable TV you need for both home and outdoors.

Best Portable TV – Buying Guide

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There are many best portable TV products available on the market. However, choosing the right product to satisfy or meeting your specific needs is not always easy, especially if you are buying a portable TV for outdoor camping. So, here are a few important factors that you need to consider when purchasing the best portable TV. Continue reading!


As the name indicates, a portable TV has optimal design and size, which allows you to use the TV at home, dorm, RV, Caravan, and camping. Portable TV comes in different sizes such as 4 inch, 5 inch, 7 inch, 10 inches, and 12 inches. Any TV with more than 12-inch size won’t be considered a portable TV. An ideal size is 7 to 10 inches. You can also buy a 4 inch portable TV to fit in the car, RV, boat, etc. However, it is always your personal choice.


Typically, a portable TV with 1024 x 600 resolution with a 16:9 aspect ratio is a good choice. However, resolutions above 1024 x 600 is an advantage as you can watch your favorite HD videos without any distortion. The best portable TV must also have built-in ATSC and NTSC digital and analog TV tuners.


Almost all portable TVs have built-in lithium-ion batteries that are rechargeable. An ideal portable TV must have this type of battery and must offer at least play and run time between 1.5 hours and 2.5 hours. The more the battery time, the better the play and run. So, make sure you choose a portable TV with a high-quality lithium-ion battery. It should support both AC and DC power inputs.


A portable TV must have multiple input supports including AV-Line, earphone jack, and built-in speakers as well as built-in USB and SD card slots. It must also support A/V cables, an external antenna, and remote control. Some models come with many other input features. So, it is always a good idea to check whether you can connect your microSD card and USB to the TV so that you watch your favorite videos or movies.

Multimedia Formats

The best portable TV supports numerous multimedia formats such as MP3, JPG, MPEG-2, MPEG-2 HD, MPEG-4, MPEG-4 HD, MVC, FLV, and H.264. Besides, the more the number of multimedia formats, the better – as this makes the device more versatile to play multiple formats. Besides, it should also support FM radio but this is an optional element to consider.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Q: Can I still use a portable TV?

Yes, you can because it is not a device that you use at home only but you can carry it in your backpack to outdoor camping. For instance, if you are camping for a week, a portable TV with rechargeable batteries will keep you entertained while you watch your favorite TV channels, videos via USB or microSD card, or listening to the FM radio.

Q: What size of portable TV is better?

In this article, we have mentioned different sizes ranging from 4 inches 12 inches. However, an ideal product is the one with a screen size of 7 or 10 inches. Majority of the products mentioned above or either 7 inches or 12 inches. So, the size is your personal preference.

Q: Why not use a smartphone instead of a portable TV?

Smartphones have all the features that you need in the modern world – from communication to watching videos to access to thousands of apps. However, smartphones are not specifically designed for watching movies or videos. Also, you need an extra cable and connectors to connect USB with your smartphone.

Besides, smartphones are smaller in size than the portable TV, which may not give you the best viewing experience. In contrast, a portable TV is a good choice for all the reasons, especially during your outdoor camping.


Wrapping up, a portable TV is a lightweight and compact device offering a variety of features such as USB and microSD connectivity, numerous TV channels, multimedia format support, and battery time of 1.5 to 2.5 hours. You can use the buying criteria mentioned in this article to choose the best product. This will save you money and time. Good Luck!


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