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Gaming monitors are monitors, designed for playing games and enhances the experience and video effects and makes playing games more desirable and enjoyable. They come in a variety of sizes and often purchased in large sizes like from 24 to 27 inches with high quality of contrast and display screen. Sharp images with a better quality of the image with QHD (Quad High Definition), high resolution and fast refresh rates make gaming monitor distinguish from the ordinary monitor.

Higher refresh rates resolve a problem like motion blur, ghost images, and on-screen jittering and provide the gaming experience hassle-free. These monitors also include different ports and headphone jacks for improving the gaming experience.

It doesn’t matter, whether you are a serious gamer or doing gaming in your pleasure hours, video quality, graphic card and a hell of the good system can never provide you a worthwhile experience until your monitor matches the requirement according to the game. You will need a monitor that provides the video quality and action without blurring the screen, flickering and tearing. Portable gaming monitors or USB powered monitors as having a second screen can provide endless experience with a limited range of prices and tons of quality.

What To Look in Best Portable Gaming Monitor?

Games have missions in the day and darker environments. For example, if you are playing Call of Duty it has a lot of day missions or playing resident evil 6 require night missions, which requires high resolution for providing good quality of the environment and hassle-free gaming experience. So before buying check information regarding dim and brightening resolution and buys the one with most of quality and resolution.

The size of a monitor for playing games is a vital aspect of enhancing the gaming experience. The size of the portable monitor comes in varying sizes mostly 15.6 inches, which is approximately the exact size of the laptop screen. But the more the better phrase comes in handy while selecting the correct size, go to hire like 17.6 inches if possible. When purchasing a portable screen, make sure the monitor is compatible with the system you have and software compatibility.

1.Asus ZenScreen Mb16ac

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Anus Zenscreen Mb16ac is ultra-light and portable 15.6 inches monitor with 1080 pixels and full HD. It weighs 1.7 pounds and 0.3 inches slim and very easy to use. In the current year, the highest resolution monitor is more in demand like 1080 Pixel full HD and beyond if any. It will be expensive but worth spending on the higher and desirable gaming experience.

 It is also having an eye care technology that prevents the eyes from getting red as it emits blue light filter. It is a smart device that can be oriented the way you want whether in landscape or vertical alignment without the help of autorotation. It is easy to carry and can be placed into briefcases and laptop bags.

What we liked the most

The pixels of this gaming monitor is very high which makes it unique in every sense. It will cater to all your needs and provide you with the best gaming experience.

The Good
  • Nice design
  • great and user friendly software.
  • It is very easy to use and it can work on any device with a contrast of 800:1.
  • It consumes low electricity and can be powered by power bank or smart phones
Not So Good
  • Many gamers complain that it is not up to the mark for gamming because of dim screen
  • no speakers
  • very expensive for the things it provides.

2.HP Business S14

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It’s mostly suitable for business purposes, it’s very small for gaming and provides a screen of 14 inches with full HD 1080 pixels. It uses type C class cable for charging and connectivity to other devices. It also comes with its screen cover which becomes an added advantage. It weighs 2.2 pounds and can slide into any laptop bag. 

It can easily connect to your device through a USB cable. It maximizes the productivity of its features. Also, it can set your eyes to outstanding image quality by emitting the colors to a warmer spectrum. It has an aspect ratio of about 16:9. The screen size is 14 which makes the product most efficient.

What we liked the most

It has an amazing, catchy design that looks quite attractive for a buyer and also provides good viewing whenever you are playing games.

The Good
  • Elegant design
  • Easy to use and install.
  • Company also provides anti-glare coating through which viewing experience also enhances.
  • Company also provides 5 feet and 10 inches long type C cable for charging.
Not So Good
  • Not suitable for gaming because of dim screen
  • lack of powerful battery.


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AOC I1659fwux has a 15.6 inches’ screen with C type cable and a slim and smart body with a built-in stand. It provides both power and video signals and the dim screen is not a problem in this monitor with some good color screen and auto-adjust of brightness. The power cable is not required, and the monitor only uses about USB cable of the 3.0 limit.  

This monitor works in both the forms and can be worked in both landscape and portrait modes. It is easy to carry on your way to any trip as it is quite slim and does not weigh much. The power consumption is about 0.5 watt and is having a full HD 1080P resolution. It has a higher image quality which works quickly because of its high power USB cable.

What we liked the most

The USB cable is about a 3.0 limit which helps to transfer the higher rates and also delivers high-quality images when only powered it with only one cable. This enhances the view angles that help the user from getting good imaging.

The Good
  • It has bright screen
  • good color and contrast
  • wide angles to view pictures
  • it comes with travel kit for long travelling and overall performance is remarkable.
Not So Good
  • This monitor didn’t support gaming which is its biggest dis advantage of this product.

4.Eleduino T156C

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Its screen size is 15.6 inches with full HD multi-color compact monitor. It provides built-in speakers and HDR. It is famous for its compatibility because it works efficiently with windows and another operating system. So if you are finding a cheap and reliable product than Eledunio T156c is the best choice.

The USB-C monitor can be powered in certain ways through power bank, PC and wall plug. It is slim, having a 3.6-inch profile, made up of aluminum body case that increases its durability and reliability. It provides an amazing viewing experience when you are playing games, watching videos., TV series, and photos. 

What we liked the most

This portable gaming monitor is providing you with a capacitive touch that is supporting over 10 points of touch. It is a compatible device that can be connected with multiple gaming devices through Type-C or Mini HDMI to play different presentations related to your studies.

The Good
  • It can connect 2 devices on one time, because of 2 HDMI ports
  • It also provides camera with good picture quality.
  • Good for gaming purpose and decent for photography and other purposes.
Not So Good
  • Company didn’t provide vasa mount
  • no screw hole support.

5.Gechic 1503h

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If you are not a foundation of a brand than go for this monitor because the company provides 15.6 inches’ screen with 1080 HD resolution, its thickness is about 1.1 cm and weights up to 798g. It has a wide-angle of about 170 degrees vertical and horizontal. Also, you can connect the device from the backside of the monitor and properly keep the total system.

It has a compact design which connects it to various other applications like a laptop, PS4, XBOX, mini PC, wireless stick, and to the wireless display adapter. It has an outer protective cover that builds quality and works great. It is also having a portable speaker that offers loud and clear noises.

What we liked the most

It is light and thin, can be taken anywhere without creating any hindrance. Also, it has a fantastic image quality that makes it quite impressive and attractive to the user who is searching for the best choice.

The Good
  • Picture quality is not very good but because of cheap amount to spend in this this justifiable.
  • very bright screen and lots of feature to play with.
  • Also it is very easy to install and operate.
  • Company also provides build in speakers and overall body is well build.
Not So Good
  • Image quality is poor
  • It is not suitable for gaming purpose.

6.Planar Helium PCT2235

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This portable monitor is quite enormous, comprising of 1080 HP resolution. Also, it has a big screen that gets you a wide vista of playing games, having touch ability, and powerful speakers exhibiting the perfect audio system. A portable monitor often comes with speakers that are built-in by the company. 

It will enhance the gaming experience more and requires little less money than usual. You can put this widescreen monitor in your house on a clear while wall which is also having a power supply. However, it also has an option to input multiple videos through various means such as HDMI, Display Port, VGA, Cross-Platform.

What we liked the most

The large size of the screen exhibits all the features and also has a built-in power supply provision. Also, it is durable and can easily be placed and used. The quality of the images is simply amazing and very clear.

The Good
  • A large screen
  • A complete power supply provision
  • Tilts about 15 degrees to 70 degree
  • Speakers are of good quality
Not So Good
  • Size is very large
  • It requires large space

7.G-story 15.6 inch UHD 4k Portable Gaming Monitor

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Although this portable gaming monitor is quite expensive as per cost, it offers all the unique features that a person needs in his gaming monitor. It has a resolution of about 2160P which is one of the amazing features of this gaming monitor. 

Moreover, it also has a Free-Sync Technology that stops the buffering or image tearing which will definitely not upset in FPS/FTS games. They enhance your UHD 4k resolution which will benefit the person who will lay hands on this monitor. 

What we liked the most

The pixels and the resolution makes the quality of the images sharp and the colors look vibrant and pleasing. This can be considered one of your best choice.

The Good
  • The image quality is superb
  • It has an Eye Care technology that prevents the eyes from getting tired
  • It comprises of loud audio speakers
  • It is especially designed for gaming purpose
Not So Good
  • It is very expensive
  • Size is huge

8.Elecrow 13.3 inch IPS Raspberry Pi Display

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This portable monitor is specially designed for Raspberry Pi users. Also, it can work with any type of gaming box-like play station 3, play station 4, WiiU, Xbox 360, and much more. It has a slim outer body which is very durable and also, it does not allow the wear and tear. 

You can also regulate the color settings and set them the way you want. It has a high resolution of about 1080P and has built-in 13.3 PSI. The loudspeakers are of high-quality, giving off clear musical sounds. The colors are vibrant when tilted at any view angle. 

What we liked the most

The color scheme of this gaming monitor is very nice as it comprises of splendid video intelligence technology that enhances the sharpness, the contrast of the images, showing off the proper vista of the images on the screen.

The Good
  • It has a greater Brightness
  • It is reliable
  • It is very light and thin
  • It comprises of built-in speakers
  • A good and valuable product for your budget
Not So Good
  • It is Light weight
  • It can easily get displaced from one place to another
  • Due to slim structure, it cannot withhold the position of its placement


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