Best Ethernet Cable for Gaming Reviewed in 2021

Ask any true hardcore gamer, and you would know that the best component is required for a superior gaming experience. And if you are one- then you probably know it already. With the increased popularity of online multiplayer games and their accessibility in modern gaming consoles, you know you need good internet connectivity. High-resolution streaming games require a lot of streaming speed, in addition to continuous media downloads.

If you see that the internet speed is not up to the mark, there are a few things you can do. The first is checking your internet plan. Another important component is checking the CAT cable. High-performance gaming requires a high LAN Speed- which can be boosted by upgrading your CAT Cables.

You can choose between CAT 5e, CAT 6, CAT 6A, or CAT 7 standard cables. In this article, we review the best ethernet cables for gaming purposes- based on the categories of Best Performance, Best Budget-Friendly, and Best Overall.

Quick Picks

Here are our top 3 picks.

Cat 8 Ethernet Cable, Zosion 100 ft High Speed 40Gbps 2000Mhz Internet Patch Cable Cord, Heavy Duty 26AWG Shielded Cat8 LAN Network Cable with...
Mediabridge Ethernet Cable (50 Feet) - Supports Cat6 / Cat5e / Cat5 Standards, 550MHz, 10Gbps - RJ45 Computer Networking Cord (Part# 31-399-50X)
Ethernet Cable, VANDESAIL CAT7 Network Cable RJ45 High Speed STP LAN Cord Gigabit 10/100/1000Mbit/s Gold Plated Lead (2m/ 6.5ft, Black-2pack)

The Best Ethernet Cables For Gaming

#1 – Zosion CAT 8 Ethernet Cable 100 feet

There is a reason that the Zosion cable is highly regarded among the game connoisseurs community. Everything from its sleek design, color combination and functionality reflects the heart of a purebred gaming beast. The Zosion Cables belong to the CAT 8 Category. The specifications, like all other CAT 8 cables- up to 40 GB/S speed and bandwidth frequency support up to 2000 MHz.

The cables are available in 100 feet length. Backward compliant, the cables are compatible with the predecessor CAT 5, CAT 6, CAT 6a, and CAT 7 Cables as well. The company provides all the necessary accessories that you might need during the installation of your game center-30 clip pins, 30 cable ties. The cables house 26 WAS pure wire gauge made of oxygen-free copper with premium gold plated RJ45 connectors at the terminals.

You will also find that the cables are thick and durable- with around 6.3 mm diameter wire thickness. Unlike many other cables available in the market – the company guarantees zero defective pieces – testing each cable Cable Analyzers before selling- offering lifetime-warranty and customer service along as well. All of these combine to make Zosion the best ethernet cable for gaming in overall performance.


  • Full Cover Gold Plated RJ45 Connectors- Backwards compatible with all previous CAT Cables.
  • Dual Aluminium Foil Shielding and Oxygen-free Copper- for higher transmission and shielded interference.
  • Available in 2 color variants and several wire length options- up to 100 feet.


  • May seem pretty expensive.

#2 – Mediabridge Ethernet Cable (50 Feet)

It’s among the best budget-friendly ethernet cable for gaming available. The Mediabridge does its job with no fuss. Compatible with both CAT 6 and CAT 5e options, these CAT 6 cables are able to perform exceedingly well- capable of handling speeds up to 10 Gb/Sec. The cables are able to perform at levels exceeding the generic CAT 6 cables- able to support a bandwidth frequency up to 550 MHz. The Mediabridge cable is backward compatible- meaning it can replace any cables made with prior CAT technologies.

The additional velcro cable strap is a nice touch, and the terminals are fitted with gold-plated 8P8C RJ 45 connectors for ensuring seamless connectivity suitable for high-speed gaming, HD video streaming, cloud computing, and surveillance. The entire construction procedure ensures that Mediabridge Ethernet cables are meant for the long run- with 24 AWG, fire-resistant CM Grade PVC jackets, and many more.


  • Functions better than standard CAT 6 cables- with 550 HZ bandwidth frequency support
  • High-speed data transmission with speeds up to 10 Gb/sec
  • Gold Plated 8P8C RJ 45 connectors- versatile and backward compatible
  • CM Garde PVC Jacket- can be used for in-wall installation
  • Long cable length of 50 feet


  • Housing could be improved
  • The cable is not shielded

#3 – Vandesail Ethernet Cable CAT 7

The Best Overall Choice if you are looking to upgrade from your old CAT 5 or CAT 6 Cables. The Vandesail is probably the best option if you combine budget and performance into your consideration. The construction imparts a premium finished look to the cable- and it functions just as good as it looks.

The gold-plated RJ 45 Connectors are provided with a unique full-cover design- which offers better point to point transmission of signals. As with all the CAT 7 cables- the Vandesail cables are shielded with aluminum foil wrapping up the four twisted pair sets (made up of an oxygen-free copper core) within the cable. The company puts environmental concerns to its list of priorities and uses good quality PVC material that is resistant to wear, tear, or corrosion. 

The CAT 7 can handle blazing fast internet with a bandwidth frequency limit up to 1000 Mhz. They are also capable of supporting speeds of up to 10 Gb/Sec. Another cool feature is the flat-cable design- quite handy for under carpet placements and/or flat-mounting. There are various sizes available- depending upon your needs and requirements. You can find cables ranging from 3 feet up to 49 feet in Amazon. The smaller ones have two cables within a single pack.


  • CAT 7- backward compatible with all RJ45 Connections
  • High-Speed Supports up to 10 GB/S and bandwidth frequency up to 1000 MHz
  • Superior build quality with thicker 32 AWG Wire Gauge
  • Available in different colors


  • Slower than CAT 8 and inhibits fiber-optic Network speeds

#4 – Glanics CAT 8 Internet Cord

CAT 8 ethernet cables are the latest arrivals in terms of technology. CAT 8 offers much better high-speed internet connectivity compared to its predecessors. The shielded cables can handle speeds up to 40 GB/second and are able to support bandwidths up to 2000 MHz.

With high-quality RJ455 connections- you can use them easily in your existing ethernet connection and expect a drastic change in speed. However, keep in mind that a single CAT 8 cable- used with other backward cables has its performance effectively reduced. In addition to gaming, it finds uses in other high networking computer functions, printers, and other devices as well.

One of the most popular cables available in Amazon, Glanics ranks higher than its other competitors due to its versatile 10 ft-100 feet cable length options. The adjustable length is great for setting up a complete gaming hub inside your house and other purposes. There are a few drawbacks, as with every electronic component, in the Glanics CAT 8 Internet Cords also. They do reduce the speeds of fiber optic networks.

The quality control remains an issue (common in all ethernet CAT cables) – with possible broken pins or faulty connections. However, it cannot be denied that a proper Glanics cable functions beautifully. It is suitable for all your gaming and high-speed internet needs.


  • CAT 8- High-Speed Data transmission and frequency bandwidth support
  • Variable length options. Go anywhere from 10 feet to 100 feet
  • Gold Plated RJ 45 Connector. Additional clips are also provided for longer cables
  • Two cables provided for cables below 25 feet in length


  • Check the material for quality- especially the pins and terminal
  • Not made for use in fiber-optic connections
  • Is expensive

The Ethernet Cables Buying Guide

[Cover] Best Ethernet Cable for Gaming

Higher the speed- better the outcome. People playing in Wi-Fi routers often report lagging issues while playing with online friends and competitors. Nothing is more frustrating than losing a sure-win game due to bad internet connectivity.

Ethernet gigabit-speed options provide a much more stable network compared to others. With exponentially advancing technologies- the CAT 5 cables, which were the latest revolutionary thing a few years ago- have now become outdated. 

A high definition video streaming service or any proper online HD game will be sending a large amount of data at higher resolutions. You might be wondering which cables would be the best ethernet cable for gaming. Here are a few pieces of information and advice to help you make your purchase.

What will be the best ethernet cable for me?

It would be good to introspect and analyze your speed requirements. In addition, also consider the amount of money you are willing to spend- go for the latest CAT 8 Cables if money is not an option at all. Also, do not forget to factor in on the required cable length. It would not be sensible to buy the best ethernet cable for gaming- only to find that the length does not suit your requirements.

Are higher CAT Cables Compatible with previous CAT Cable Connections? Will it fit into my Wi-Fi Router?

Most CAT Cables are fitted with RJ45 connections at the terminals. A higher CAT Cable- say the CAT 7 or CAT 8 is easily compatible in connections that run on CAT 5 or CAT6 connections. Mixing cables of both categories within a single connection will most likely, however, result in inhibited speeds. Good CAT 7 and CAT 8 cables have gold plated connection terminals- to ensure seamless signal transmission. The aluminum shielding of the Oxygen-free copper core helps in reducing signal interference.

And yes, most Wi-fi Routers have RJ45 connections- meaning higher cables will easily fit inside your router.

How much speed should the ideal gaming ethernet cable be able to support at the minimum?

If you are looking for an ethernet cable strictly for gaming-  the probable best bet would be CAT 6. The CAT 8 cables were actually meant for professional workspaces, cloud computing, data centers- it is actually sort of an overkill. Now depending upon the game processing speed- most games function well under 10GB/Sec Speed and 50MHz Bandwidth Frequency.  So depending upon the situation CAT 6, CAT 6A or CAT 7 CAbles should do the trick.

What is the difference between shield cables and unshielded cables?

All the cables available before the CAT 6 were unshielded ethernet cables. These include the CAT3, CAT5 and 5E, and some brands of CAT 6 Cables. Everything about the CAT 6A and above are shielded cables. The main function of the shield(usually done by a dual-layered aluminum foil) is to reduce electrical noise. The shielding also helps to reduce interference on signals and averts crosstalk between cables.

Final thoughts

If money is not a factor, go for the Zosion CAT 8 Ethernet Cable or the Glanics CAT 8 Internet Network Cord. Both are CAT 8 category ethernet cables capable of superior transmission speed and a huge range of bandwidth frequency support. The Zosion even offers a lifetime warranty and support. 100 feet cable length ensures that your gaming hub can be set up comfortably at any corner of the house.

In case you are on a budget- go for the Mediabridge cable. The cable is a solid investment option with lower pricing and a 50 feet length. A CAT6A type ethernet cable- it will still be sufficient enough to handle most of your gaming requirements. It is also fit for use in other domestic networking and printer related works. The added velcro strap is a big help to prevent tangled cables.

The overall best pick for multiple purposes, including gaming, is the Vandesail CAT 7 Cable- offering the best of both the worlds. Recommended even by several IT professionals, the cables have a strong and sturdy build in addition to providing excellent network connectivity features. The flat design is an added advantage.

One important thing to note is that only the CAT 8 Ethernet cable has the capability to perform in speeds comparable to optical fiber networks. All sorts of Ethernet cables inhibit the overall speed of fiber-optic networks- they were not meant for use with them. Know about your network plan and type before purchasing the right cable. 


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