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When it comes to gaming, we all like to play save. For gaming, a gamer asks a big space in the form of a big desk as no one wants gaming set apart when it can’t handle the weight of hardware. Gaming desks are like a command center for a gamer, which allows a person to play without exception.  


1. The large size is necessary so that you can have enough space for your gears, speakers, monitor, and cables.
2. A comfortable space for your legs, hands, and motion.
3. More space in the form of drawers and shelves so that you can put your extra stuff into them.
4. The thickness of the desk and material is also necessary to have stability and capability to hold huge weights.

Quick Picks

Here are 3 models we pick out from the options that you can compare based on the features, budget and performance.

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Top 12 Best Gaming Desk Reviews

1. Mr Ironstone Gaming Desk

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If you want a desk that will not take lots of space, then Mr ironstone gaming desk is best for you. It is a high-quality iron desk that comes in L-Shape design. It comes in a small map but easy to set up your gaming environment. The desk has multi-support as it has a cup holder and headphones hook.

It has adjustable feet’s providing more stability on the rage or carpet. It can fit up to two monitors and have still room for books, pens, and laptops. Space for the foot is huge and improved, and very comfortable for gaming purpose.

What we liked the most?

The best thing about this product is its small shape and ability to get into any place without hassle and availability at very cheap prices. It can easily be held and put anywhere for playing.

The Good
  • It comes is a reasonable price
  • It is water-resistant.
  • It provides you large workspace.
  • Its steel legs provide you stability.
  • No wobbling for your gaming peripherals.
Not So Good
  • Metal bars on the backside which are in shape of X are very long
  • Cables can easily be seen because there is no place to hide cables

2. DXRacer DGD/1000 Newedge Edition

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It comes in different colors Green, Black and White, Black, Black, and Red. It has a black back part that disguises the keyboard, mouse, monitor, and other cables. The table is shaped perfectly so that forearms can be in a good position while playing games. The table is adjustable and can adjust according to height.

It is made on a 10° slope, so the player wouldn’t lean towards the screen while playing. The design of the table is triangular and of a high-quality Anti-lock braking system, wooden desk, and steel rods, which is quite durable and reliable.

What we liked the most?

The shape of the table is very user convenient, available in different colors, and the viewer doesn’t need to lean on the table to view because of the 10° slope, which also helps players who have back pain.

The Good
  • An adjustable table according to height and has enough space for most gaming setups.
  • Available in different colors
  • Large wire management.
  • 360-degree rotation, which allows you to move it easily and does not damage your floor.
  • Provide massive support for your arms and legs when gaming or writing.
Not So Good
  • Expensive as compared to other brands
  • Back part to hide cables is fragile

3. Atlantic Gaming Desk Multi-Function

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It is specially designed for gamers’ gear only so that you can focus on your gaming skills. First glance on it, and you can see why. It’s very compact and has many colors, and the company provides a place for speakers.

There are two speaker stands space, cable management, a drawer for your use, shelf, headphone stand, mobile or remote space, and a cup holder on the desk. It keeps all your video game equipment on your place and allows you to play comfortably.

What we liked the most?

A lot of space, even a laptop, can be adjusted long with monitors and different necessities like headphones, speakers, and a cup holder can be adjusted on the same table.

The Good
  • The metal body of the desk does not only make it classy but also more durable and reliable. It allows you to carry almost 40lbs weight for the desktop and 100lbs for the entire.
  • The desk comes with a monitor stand that is raising the screen so that you can focus on the screen without any obstacle or barrier.
  • Not every desk has an elevated stand and a cup holder but this desk is allowing you to play with a cup of tea, which is quite evident.
Not So Good
  • If you have a multi-monitor support, then you have to remove the stand of the desk. No real dual-monitor support was provided in it.
  • The features on the desk were too crammed up like the speaker’s stand; the brackets are tiny and won’t fit in by many speakers.

4. Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

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It is hard to fit all your gaming stuff in place and connect all the devices. So, Arozzi Arena is here to help you by providing lots of space, durability, and extensive wire management. The Arena gaming desk allows you to have multi-monitors support as it has a broad width through which you can put three monitors.

It has three holes at the back, which allows you to have easy cable routing, which helps you to play without any obstacle.

What we liked the most?

Simple and unique design, only three wooden panels are used for manufacturing, Person can adjust the height and can sustain weight up to 80 kg.

The Good
  • It is designed by the water-resistant material.
  • It comes in many attractive colors.
  • It allows you to put 80kg of load.
  • It has a complimentary full-surface mouse pad; you don’t need a mouse pad as the desk is covered with 5mm of the thick mouse pad.
  • High-quality product with steel frame and legs.
Not So Good
  • It is large and heavy, which is quite challenging to carry.

5. Eureka Ergonomic Z1-S Gaming Desk

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This gaming desk is bound to satisfy through its sleek and stylish design with cool LED lights; all you need is to plug the USB cable from your gaming PC to light up the desk. It is providing ample space for your gaming environment and has carbon fiber mixture design, which is a very lightweight material.

It also has a cup holder, a headphone and controller stand, and a large keyboard and mouse pad. It comes with four leveling feet to make your gaming system stable and in level.

What we liked the most?

Cup holder with unique desktop design and LEDs on sides makes it cool. The cable management system is handled very cleverly and takes 20 minutes to set up.

The Good
  • Provide excellent support for your gaming environment.
  • Large space for gaming.
  • The desk has a solid surface with space of useful accessories like gaming headphones hook, a cup holder space, a gaming controller stand, and a large mouse pad.
  • The design of this desk is quite slim, which is Easy to carry and move.
Not So Good
  • Only the blue LED Lights.
  • Don’t have a storage option or wire management.
  • It doesn’t have any height adjustment settings.

6. DlandHome 63 inches Gaming Desk

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This budget gaming desk will be suitable for you if you love to store gaming gear. The desk measures 63 inches in length and can bear a maximum load capacity of 300 lbs.

The multipurpose gaming desk comes with a mouse pad and an adjustable USB charge rack. It also has a drink rack and a headphone holder so that you can take breaks while playing. The storage facilities offered by this product should be enough to keep all your essentials in one place. The tabletop is crafted with sleek carbon fiber texture. It has unique K legs and a back bar which is made with high-quality metal.

The design is simple but modern and elegant. You will be able to install it without much trouble.

What we liked the most?

Made with durable materials, this desk is equipped to cover all bases. It will perform well, whether you want to game all day or do some paperwork.

The Good
  • The design is durable and stable which means that you will get value for your money
  • Offers plenty of storage options
  • Comes with an all-covered mouse pad
  • K-type table legs are very sturdy and maintain balance
Not So Good
  • Does not come with a footrest
  • Might feel a little flimsy

7. Kinsal Blade Series Gaming Style Computer Desk

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With a load capacity of 550lb, this R-line computer gaming desk has a modern design that will attract you immediately. This executive desk will fit into in seamlessly irrespective of which room it is in. This multi-functional desk is one of a kind and offers a host of exciting features.

The desk will allow you to keep the ergonomic spacing even when you are engrossed in playing. The cup holder is convenient because you can simply store your favourite beverage and drink it over a few hours. The attached LED lights brighten up the space so that it never looks boring. The RGB LED lights have six colour variants. They also have three modes so that you can change the aesthetic of your room based on your wish.  The flash, monochromatic change, and breathing modes are easily interchangeable.

The desk measures 47.2 inches in length and 25.2 inches in width, which should be sufficient even if you want to keep multiple monitors.

What we liked the most?

This desk is perfectly built to be a gamer’s workstation. It comes with a king-sized mouse pad and a headphone hook. There is plenty of storage space so that you can keep the desk organised at all times.

The Good
  • Comes with a flexible scissor-like leg that gives stability to the structure
  • The F1 Balance bar allows you to extend your feet
  • Has a decent ambience lighting system that offers six colours and three modes
  • The design is ergonomic and comfortable
Not So Good
  • Shipping system might be faulty
  • Surface area may not match measurements

8. FIVEGIVEN Brownish Black Computer Gaming

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If you are a fan of old school tables, than this might help you out. It provides the rectangular metallic black body with a lot of surface for arms, monitor, mouse, and keyboard; other necessaries can also be included according to demand. Underneath the shelf, there is a huge space or legroom beside it CPU can be placed easily.

The company can also add a cabinet on the downside of the table according to customer demand and flexibility.

What we liked the most?

Black sandy finish with a lot of weight capacity, enormous legroom for both comfort, and keeping extra items in the cabinet.

The Good
  • Extra spacing makes more comfortable
  • Extra gaming stuff can be placed in cabinets, which can be made on demand
Not So Good
  • The old design makes people unsettled
  • The color scheme is very limited

9. SUPER DEAL L-Shaped Gaming Desk

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If you’re longing for a gaming desk that can set up a great workstation, try out the SUPER DEAL L-Shaped desk. It’s beautiful, aesthetic and comes with a high-quality eco-friendly black finish.

This corner desk has a two-way setup that the L-shape can be placed on either side. The tabletop can hold up pretty heavy loads. You will love the adjustable leg pad designs, helping you sit longer comfortably for longer. The heavy-duty metal legs have footpads made up of Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic, so you don’t have to worry about having to buy another desk for a while.

With a good 88.2 LBS capacity for the rectangular board, you can store your gaming machines and devices without a hiccup. Or keep the coffee, the pens and the holders on the fan shaped board that is good to go for weights up to 44.1 lbs. The desk is good to go for both gaming and work, making it a multipurpose piece of furniture.   

What did we like the most?

Made of metal and engineered wood, it has got a sturdy construction with a rectangular frame offering maximum durability and stability. Indulge in binge gaming and working on this desk as you like – there is no stopping you here.

The Good

  • 90° right angle design
  • Spacious desk
  • Value for the price
  • Easy to assemble

Not so Good

  • It feels flimsy
  • Picks up fingerprints easily

10. HOMCOM L-Shaped Computer Gaming Desk

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Want a fine-looking but affordable computer desk table that’s easy to set up? This classy, powder-coated steel frame gaming computer desk makes all the right noises.

Customize it to your taste. The detachable computer power stand for one, ensures you can keep the CPU where you want. Plus, the long and short sides are interchangeable, so you can set it up as you want.

The tempered glass top is sturdy and beautiful, offering you both the oomph you needed from a modern computer gaming desk design and the strength of that good old wooden desk.

You also have a slide-out keyboard tray, a detachable rack for the computer tower, and the MDF board. You save a lot on the surface space, which means more space for all your gaming devices, from monitors to keyboards.

What did we like the most?

The smart combination of the steel, MDF, and the tempered glass makes it look classy. The minimalistic design means that you can set it up just about anywhere, without having to worry about the room décor.

The Good

  • Spacious and sturdy
  • Environment friendly and long lasting P2 Grade MDF board
  • Ideal for home and office use
  • Gleaming modern design
  • Supreme for any office style

Not so Good

  • Shipping might be imperfect
  • No footrest

Gaming Desk Buying Guide

DESIGNA gaming desk - Enrich your life

We created a list of the best gaming computer desks that will suit different budgets and requirements. However, we know that the market does not remain constant. There is a constant influx of new products, and so we make it a point to keep our charts updated at all times.

How should you choose a good gaming desk?

The ideal gaming desk will provide you with a stable platform so that you can play without any problems. It should also feel comfortable so that you do not have to cut your gaming session short suddenly. It is likely that you will spend a lot of time sitting, and the table should be ergonomic.

A gaming desk should also come with multiple options for storage. Many desks come with have built-in shelves, drawers and holders so that you can store your gaming accessories safely.

Lastly, your aesthetic sense will determine which table you like more than the other. As long as a product balances style with functionality, it should be a good purchase.

Which shape should I go for when choosing a gaming desk?

Gaming desks usually come in a variety of shapes, and each of them has a different size and style.

The rectangular desk is the most traditional and will get the job done for you. However, they can tend to be overly simplistic.

The L-shaped desk looks professional and will give you plenty of space. They are easy to set up and do not occupy a major portion of the room.

The L-Shaped gaming desk surface

The U-Shaped desk takes up a significant amount of space, but it is a great option for multiple users.

If your room does not have much available space, corner desks are the solution for you. They can be set up with minimal effort on your part. However, they do not offer a lot of surface area for you to work on.

Which material should I go for?

Gaming desks are made with many different materials, and all of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. Wood, bamboo, PVC, steel and glass are commonly used to construct gaming desks. If you like a table with a smooth finish, you should opt for wood and bamboo. They are also more durable as compared to glass and do not scratch easily. Glass desks will be the perfect choice for you in case you want to enhance the appearance of your room.

Not only is the material responsible for the durability of the product, but it will also determine the texture.

Should I buy pre-assembled gaming desks?

Gaming desks can come in a pre-assembled state, or you might have to assemble them yourself. It will save you a significant amount of effort if you buy pre-assembled gaming desks as they are usually built more sturdily. They also come with many in-built features. Most reputable brands, such as DXRacer and Arozzi, deliver preassembled products. If you opt for a gaming desk that you will have to put together yourself after delivery, make sure that you are very careful about the measurements and specifications.

What kind of storage options should I expect?

Gaming desks by default are expected to come with storage features. It does not matter whether they are big or small in size; the storage features should not hinder the functionality of the product. Some tables have unique storage areas that will help in ventilation for your desktop and CPUs.

You will be able to store all your essential gaming equipment like goggles, VR players, and joysticks together in one place. You might also find cord organisers integrated within the model so that you do not lose track of them.

Choose a gaming desk that suits you

Depending on the shape and size, gaming desks can be used in a variety of ways. Not all gamers have the same expectations and requirements from their desks. For example, a U shaped desk serves its purpose well only if the user needs the extra space. The budget is also an important consideration when you are picking a model for yourself. Do not think that the expensive models are the only ones worth investing in as there are high-quality, affordable desks available as well.

Do I need the additional space?

Having the freedom to move and adjust your position is something that you will greatly appreciate when you are playing for a long time. Gaming desks provide a huge surface area so that that you have no problem focusing even when there are multiple gadgets around you. They provide both leg space and arm space so that you do not feel restricted when you are playing. If you like to keep two monitors, it is essential that you invest in a gaming desk.


How is a gaming desk different from a regular desk?

As the name suggests, manufacturers create gaming desks specifically for gamers. Consequentially, all the features and aspects of the design are strategically optimised for gamers. They offer plenty of space so that you face no problem when setting up all your equipment. You will also feel flexible and comfortable when propped against a gaming desk as compared to a traditional model. The small but convenient features are what set a gaming desk apart.

Will gaming desks protect me against injuries?

Gaming desks, by themselves, are not enough to guarantee that you will remain injury-free during long gaming sessions because a lot of factors are involved. Sitting in the same place for a long time can inevitably lead to problems such as carpal passage disorder and back pain.

However, gaming desks can reduce the risk of injuries significantly. Moreover, they allow you to lay less pressure on your back. A gaming desk allows for a safe distance between the limbs, and the desktop.

Where can I buy gaming desks?

If you want a durable and efficient gaming desk, you should only purchase from reputable brands. You can easily browse through your options via online retailers, or contact each brand personally.


These tables are reliable as well as have capabilities that a gamer wants while playing games and can enhance its gaming experience. Prices may vary product to product, and gamer will buy according to its demand. Some companies also provide alterations according to their customer demands and needs.


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