Sceptre TV Reviews – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

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If you’re looking for genuine, unbiased information about Sceptre TV reviews – you’re in the right place. Have a look through our reviews to learn everything you need to know.

Sceptre is a brand that’s built its success on 30 plus years of offering a wide variety of TVs and great customer service. The vast array of specs that Sceptre has to offer in its TVs are truly staggering.

We’ve ranked all of the best-selling Sceptre TVs based on the results they showed and the features they offer.

Top Rated Sceptre TV reviews

1. Sceptre 65″ 4K LED Ultra HDTV

Sceptre 65 4K LED Ultra HDTV Product ImageV



The Sceptre U658CV-UMC U is a 65-inch LED UHD TV with 4K resolution. Whereas in the past, FHD was considered the ultimate in visual quality, 4K is rapidly replacing it as the new standard. TV and movies appear much more lifelike and detailed in 4K Ultra-HD, and the Sceptre offering boasts 8 million pixels; the resulting resolution is four times more detailed than a standard 1080p FHD TV.

UHD Upscaling

One of the most annoying problems to people who’ve had FHD and UHD TVs in the past is the image distortion on the screen that you get when watching channels in lower resolution than what the TV is designed for. Luckily, with just isn’t a problem with Sceptre’s 65-inch 4K UHD TV thanks to their UHD Upscaling technology. It uses a state-of-the art video chipset that automatically enhances standard definition (the type of TV you watched before HD), high definition and full HDTV. The result is a visual experience far superior than what the source material offers on its own with an end product almost as good as UHD itself, and far better than what FHD can offer. Enjoying classics with 4K resolution breathes new life into old favorites.

MEMC 120 technology

Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation (MEMC 120) technology is another Sceptre technology that makes the UHD viewing experience simply more pleasant than its competitors. This technology intelligently prevents lags and choppiness that can sometimes be a problem when fast-paced action (such as action sequences or sports games) are displayed in UHD. The result is a smoother experience that feels fluid and immersive.

HDMI 2.0 compatibility

HDMI 2.0 is a big feature on the Sceptre 65-inch LED UHD TV—and for a good reason. With HDMI 2.0, you get superior connectivity from gaming consoles, Blu-Ray and other devices capable of UHD visuals. HDMI 2.0 allows shows, movies and games streamed from these devices to be rendered in their full 4K glory; HDMI 2.0 also offers superior audio sound, to complement the stunning visuals.

CEC remote control

The Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) is another huge convenience feature offered by the Sceptre UHD TV. With it, you can control up to 15 HDMI-connected devices at the same time. This remote works wonderfully with navigating streamed content, pictures and audio as well.


Thanks to HDMI 2.0 compatibility, the Sceptre UHD TV can stream TV and movies at a seamless 60FPS (frames per second). Because of that, you get a seamless, lag-free visual experience that can capitalize on the 4K definition of your screen. That means no choppiness or blurriness, just pure, streaming goodness.

Audio Return Channel (ARC)

With Audio Return Channel (ARC) technology, all you need is one HDMI cable to send and receive all of your audio signals. The benefit of this is convenience, for one, but it also frees up your three remaining HDMI ports for other things so you won’t have to constantly play musical HDMI ports to put your TV to 21st century usage.

The Pros – What to like

  • 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) TV
  • LED display
  • 65-inch screen size
  • 8 million pixels (4 times sharper than FHD)
  • UHD Upscaling technology (view all definitions in UHD)
  • MEMC 120 technology for seamless, fluid action sequences
  • MEMC 120 technology can be toggled on/off if you choose
  • 4 HDMI 2.0 ports (compatible with all HDMI-compatible devices, even previous generation)
  • CEC remote control can control up to 15 HDMI devices at once
  • Stream directly from your tablet or mobile phone
  • ARC technology streamlines all audio into one HDMI port
  • USB 2.0 port included (instantly view pics to your TV)
  • Dimensions: 57.4in x 10.2 x 35.2in
  • Weight: 45.6lbs

The Cons – What to consider

  • A small number of customers have accidentally received the older “U650” model instead of this “U658” model. This is likely a shipping error due to similar model numbers, but always double check the number and contact customer service if it happens to you for a quick resolution. Sceptre is well-known for having great customer service, so they will definitely work with you. However, this is probably an issue that has already been corrected.

2. Sceptre 55″ 4K Ultra HD LED UTV

Sceptre 55 4K Ultra HD LED UTV


4K resolution

Thanks to 8 million pixels—4 times what is found in your standard FHD TV—the Sceptre U550CV-UMR 55-inch TV creates stunning, lifelike visuals in 4K resolution. 4K resolution is the new standard in high definition video; with it, you can view your shows the way they were meant to be seen, and play your games the way they were intended to be played. 4K resolution allows for an immersive experience, regardless of what you use your TV for.

LED display

LED displays have been around awhile, but their benefits often go unremarked upon. LED technology pairs wonderfully with the Sceptre 55-inch’s 4K UHD resolution to create a lifelike visual landscape with true-to-life color, and high levels of contrast that up the visual clarity in scenes where there is a lot of darkness, making it easier to see. The benefits to this are even larger if you’re a gamer, because what lurks in the darkness can often catch you unaware. Accurate contrast and color work together with the 4K resolution to allow for genuinely immersive visual content.

MEMC 120

MEMC (Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation) 120 is a Sceptre technology that builds on the 4K viewing experience—and makes it better. One of the few drawbacks to UHD is the lag and choppiness that can sometimes occur during fast-paced activity on screen, such as when you’re watching a car race, or another sporting event, for instance. MEMC 120 boosts the frame rate for a more seamless and lag-free UHD viewing experience, so you can enjoy sports without any visual glitches you may have seen in other UHD TVs.

HDMI 2.0

The Sceptre 55-inch offering comes with four (4) HDMI 2.0 ports. The big benefit of this is that HDMI 2.0 is optimized to ensure 4K video and high-quality audio make it from your HDMI-connected devices (such as game consoles) to your TV in true fidelity. That allows you to get the full 4K experience out of your Blu-Ray player and other devices. Additionally, HDMI 2.0 is backwards compatible, so you’re able to use it with any HDMI-compatible device.

Mobile High-Definition Link

The Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) is shared with the HDMI 1 port. With it, you can stream music, TV and more directly from your smartphone or tablet and view it in all the goodness of 4K on your Sceptre TV. This technology also allows for streaming at 60FPS, ensuring that your streamed content comes in crisp and lag-free.

USB 2.0 port

The addition of a USB 2.0 port rounds out the Sceptre 55-inch UDH TV as a go-to all-purpose media center—right in your living room. With the built-in USB port, you can view saved photos and home videos and display them on your TV for friends and family to enjoy.

The Pros – What to like

  • 4K UHD resolution
  • 55-inch screen
  • LED display
  • Ultra-slim profile
  • MEMC 120 (Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation) smooths out performance of fast action sequences
  • HDMI 2.0 (4 ports—backwards compatible with all HDMI-compatible devices)
  • MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link): Stream content directly from your smartphone or tablet straight to your TV in 4K resolution
  • USB 2.0: Instantly view pictures and other media right on your TV
  • Aspect ratio: Widescreen 16:9
  • Dimensions (without stand): 49.05in x 30.91in x 10.50in
  • Weight: 30lbs

The Cons – What to consider

  • Some have reported a slow visual response when using this TV as a PC monitor. It should be noted that this TV isn’t designed to double as a PC monitor, though it has the ability to function that way, depending on your PC specs. For normal TV function, however, most are pleased with the frame rate.

3. Sceptre 50″ LED HDTV

Sceptre 50 LED HDTV


MEMC 120

With Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation (MEMC 120) technology, the Sceptre 50-inch LED HDTV provides a superior action TV experience. MEMC 120 bumps up the frame rate and cuts out motion blur to deliver clear visuals without lag, allowing you to see all of the action-packed goodness as it unfolds on your screen in true, lifelike form.


The Sceptre E505BV-FMQK is a Full HDTV boasting 1080p. This level of visual clarity allows you to watch your favorite shows in quality high-definition, as well as giving you the ability to see crucial in-game details when playing on your favorite console.

LED display

The Sceptre 50-inch HDTV’s LED display provides a visual experience with more colors to complement all those extra visual-clarifying pixels. The result is a viewing experience with more realistic imagery. Additionally, LED allows for sharper contrast. When contrast is sharp, images pop to life. Moreover, you can see night scenes with the level of detail they were shot in; no longer do you have to guess what your favorite characters get up to in the night—now, you can see it.


HDMI connectivity allows you to connect with all of your favorite devices such as your Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo and more. HDMI allows the content from these devices to be displayed in true high-definition quality on your Sceptre TV, making gaming simply more enjoyable, thanks to the increased immersion that comes from high-quality audio and video.


MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) allows you to directly connect your tablet or smartphone to your TV, enabling you to stream shows and music and listen to them with the top-notch audio provided by the Sceptre TV’s stereo sound. Likewise, this connection also enhances visual quality of your streamed content, providing more clarity and sharper contrast.

DTS SRS TruSurround HD

Thanks to DTS SRS TruSurround HD, the Sceptre 50-inch FHD TV provides a high-quality sound experience with richer, clearer dialog. Additionally, music comes through beautifully with a deep, robust bass and a perfectly balanced treble to match.

The Pros – What to like

  • 50-inch screen size
  • 1080p FHD resolution
  • LED display
  • MEMC 120: Cuts out motion blur and visual abnormalities to deliver clear action scenes
  • HDMI connectivity: Allows for versatile connectivity with all HDMI-compatible devices
  • MHL connectivity: Directly connect your tablet or smartphone to your Sceptre TV
  • USB 2.0 port: View home movies and pics instantly on your TV
  • Coaxial connectivity
  • DTS SRS TruSurround HD provides quality sound with clear, vivid dialogue
  • Dimensions (without stand): 44.17in x 23.35in x 1.93in
  • Weight (without stand): 34.55lbs

The Cons – What to consider

  • Because it’s an FHD, you can’t get 4K resolution. This isn’t a design flaw; it’s just the natural limitation of FHD TVs. That said, 4K isn’t a must for everyone, so it’s not a huge deal unless you’re super into visual quality or you’re an avid gamer.
  • There are only 3 built-in HDMI ports, though that’s only 1 less than the newer Sceptre TVs; the difference isn’t that big, but still worth mentioning.

4. Sceptre 32″ LED HDTV

Sceptre 32 LED HDTV


MEMC 120

Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation (MEMC 120) technology smooths out fast-paced action scenes to rid your screen of flicker and motion blur, which are eyesores that take away from the impressiveness of your favorite TV shows, movies and games. MEMC 120 doubles the refresh rate and can be toggled off, if you choose, for extra versatility.

LED display

The LED display gives this 32-inch Sceptre offering a huge visual boost with sharp contrast and vivid, true-to-life colors. The 720p resolution display comes alive with vibrant lights and shadow-y darks, upping the immersion factor for gaming tremendously.

HDMI connectivity

Robust HDMI connectivity allows you to keep your gaming console, Blu-Ray and other HDMI all plugged in at once, reflecting the 21st century way of using one’s home TV. This versatile connectivity is controlled by the CEC remote, which works with up to 15 HDMI-compatible devices.

MHL connectivity

MHL connectivity allows you to plug your smartphone and/or tablet into your TV to stream music, view pictures and more. All of the content in your smart devices can be displayed on your HDTV and your phone’s music gets the benefit of Sceptre’s sound system—a great way to get your sound system fix in a hurry for last minute parties.

USB 2.0 port

Nowadays, most of us take family photos and home movies on our smartphones. With the inclusion of a built-in 2.0 port, you can now view your family members directly on your TV, sharing family memories with those you love—it’s the ultimate way to brag on your kids in front of the grandparents.

The Pros – What to like

  • LED display
  • MEMC 120 technology prevents flicker and motion blur in action scenes
  • 720p HDTV resolution
  • HDMI connectivity: connect your smart devices, gaming consoles and more
  • MHL connectivity: Connect your phone to your Sceptre TV
  • CEC remote: Control up to 15 HDMI-compatible devices with one remote
  • USB 2.0 port: View pictures and video directly on your Sceptre TV
  • Comes in 4 colors
  • Coaxial digital out
  • DTS SRS TruSurround HD sound
  • Weight (without stand): 11.44lbs

The Cons – What to consider

  • The definition is 720p, which is a bit archaic by 2017 standards. That said, the smaller screen size (32 inches) and the LED’s sharp contrast go a long way to balance this out, so it’s not a huge shortcoming.

5. Sceptre 32″ HDTV

Sceptre 32 HDTV


Clear QAM tuner

The built-in Clear QAM tuner functionality ensures you get the best broadcast TV reception. There’s no need for an antenna. Due to U.S. laws and regulations, broadcast channels are required to broadcast for free, and the Clear QAM tuner gives you a free and legal way to access this public service—all in HD.

HDTV resolution

The Sceptre 32-inch X328BV-SR is an HDTV boasting 720p resolution. High-definition brilliance is displayed with superior contrast to enhance visuals and bring your favorite shows and movies to life.

HDMI connectivity

HDMI connectivity allows you to connect your DVD, Blu-Ray and gaming consoles directly to your TV and enjoy them in the HD resolution offered by the Sceptre 32-inch TV.

USB 2.0 port

A USB 2.0 port is built into the Sceptre X328BV-SR, allowing you to turn your television into a media center, viewing home videos and pictures in stunning HD.

Smart device support

With the Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL), the Sceptre 32-inch HDTV can directly interface with your smartphone or tablet. Use it to stream music or access your photos and videos.

The Pros – What to like

  • 32-inch screen
  • 720p HDTV
  • HDMI ports
  • USB 2.0 port
  • Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL)
  • VESA wall mount ready

The Cons – What to consider:

  • This TV only comes with two (2) HDMI ports, so if you have a lot of HDMI devices, you’ll have to swap out. That said, if you only use one or two HDMI devices, then this won’t really be a problem for you.
  • While the TV itself is quite likable in visuals and functionality, startup is on the slow side for a 2017 model.

6. Sceptre 24″ LED HDTV

Sceptre 24 LED HDTV


VGA port

The built-in VGA port brings extra versatility to the Sceptre 24-inch LED HDTV. The VGA input allows you to connect your laptop, PC and more to be displayed right on your 24-inch LED HDTV screen.


With HDMI connectivity, you get instant access to your gaming consoles, DVD and Blu-Ray players. All HDMI devices are controlled by the included CEC remote, which works with up to 15 HDMI-enabled devices.


The included USB 2.0 port enables you to play home movies right on your TV in a beautiful HD detail.

LED display

The LED display pairs well with the 720p HDTV display to provide a nice contrast of light and dark to enhance the high definition visuals. Your TV shows and movies look lifelike, with crisp imagery and beautiful luminescence.

VESA wall mount ready

The Sceptre 24-inch LED HDTV is VESA wall mount ready. Setup is easy using the VESA wall mount pattern. The big benefit of this is you save space while creating a more aesthetically pleasing look in your home.

The Pros – What to like

  • 24-inch compact display
  • 720p HDTV resolution
  • HDMI port
  • USB 2.0 port
  • VGA port
  • VESA wall mount ready
  • Energy Star compliant
  • Ultralightweight at 5lbs

The Cons – What to consider

  • Unlike many of the other Sceptre TVs, this one only has one HDMI port. That means if you use multiple HDMI-enabled devices, you’ll likely be swapping them out from time to time. That said, if you use one or no HDMI-enabled devices, this issue won’t be a big deal for you unless you’re into future-proofing with your purchases.

7. Sceptre 19″ LED (1.93″ ultra-slim) HDTV

Sceptre 19 LED (1.93 ultra-slim) HDTV



The Sceptre E195BV-SHD is an ultra-slim TV that saves space at a compact 19 inches. This makes it the ideal slim TV for a kid’s room, dorm room, or cramped studio apartment. It’s has all the features of a quality HDTV—simply scaled down.

Brush finish

The brushed finish disguises scratches and creates a modern yet pleasant aesthetic in any home.

HDTV resolution

The Sceptre 19-inch HDTV provides 720p resolution. When you factor in the 60Hz refresh rate and LED display, you get great color contrast and smooth visuals that take this HDTV to the next level.


The included HDMI port allows you to connect to any of your HDMI devices so you can stream TV, movies, music and play all of your favorite games in the clarity of HD.

The Pros – What to like

  • 19-inch screen
  • Ultra-slim profile
  • 720p HDTV resolution
  • HDMI port
  • Brushed finish
  • Ultralightweight at 4.84lbs

The Cons – What to consider

  • Due to its very compact size, this isn’t going to be an ideal TV for large rooms; however, it’s obviously very functional for small apartments and dorms.
  • It only has one HDMI port, so if you use multiple HDMI devices, you’ll likely have to swap out.

Benefits of buying a Sceptre TV

Now that you’ve read through our Sceptre TV reviews, let’s take a look at the benefits of owning one.

One of the biggest benefits to buying a Sceptre TV is the quality the brand offers. They’ve been around for more than 30 years and they’re known for superior workmanship, a penchant for knowing their customers’ expectations, and excellent customer service.

As for the Sceptre TVs themselves, there are a lot of good reasons to recommend them.

For starters, Sceptre offers an extremely varied range of TVs that can suit just about every need. Screen sizes ranges from the compact 19-inch to the impressive 65-inch and anything and everything in between.

They also offer a broad range of screen resolutions to fit their customer’s needs and expectations. If you mainly watch TV to get a handle on current events, you might be happy with any 720p HDTV on offer. However, visual junkies demand more; for those who are huge into movies, TV and gaming, Sceptre offers a variety of TVs with 4K UHD resolution. 4K UHD is the current state of the art in screen resolution. Most modern games are made with 4K textures for the ultimate in immersion and crisp visuals. Likewise, TV and movies are often shot for 4K nowadays to capitalize on this immersion and the stunning depth that 4K can yield.

For the Sceptre models that offer 4K resolution, many of them have UHD Upscaling, which allows the TV to render standard definition (think mid-20th century TV shows), high definition and full high definition TV in Ultra High Definition-like resolution. This means that these old favorites you love can be viewed in a quality as close as possible to UHD, breathing new life into them.

Many Sceptre TVs are VESA wall mount ready. The big benefits to using the VESA wall mount capability is that it creates a more natural, aesthetically pleasing look in your home—and it saves space in the process. More and more people are going with this option, which is why it’s included on many of the Sceptre offerings.

Every recent Sceptre TV comes with an HDMI port and many of them come with 3 or 4. This is ideal for families who game and watch Blu-Rays in addition to regular television watching, because it means you don’t have to spend your time swapping out connections to do the things you like to do. The convenience factor for multiple HDMI ports cannot be overstated. Additionally, HDMI 2.0 is backwards compatible, so even if you have an older HDMI-enabled device, it should still be compatible with your Sceptre TV.

Virtually all newer Sceptre TVs have a USB 2.0 port built-in. With it, you have the benefit of being able to view pictures and videos straight from your flash drive, which is the perfect way to watch home movies on your UHD screen.

MEMC 120 technology is another big benefit you get with virtually all Sceptre TVs. It works to reduce visual abnormalities like motion blur that can be problematic on high definition screens to yield a smoother, more visually faithful viewing experience.

Factors to consider before buying a Sceptre TV

The most important thing to consider when buying a Sceptre TV is how much space you have available to put a TV in. No matter what space you have, there will be a Sceptre TV to accommodate it. However, knowing ahead of time what size TVs you need to look at really cuts down on your shopping time and allows you to focus only on options that suit that need.

Think about your visual demands. Are you someone who simply wants to watch the TV as a form of entertainment? If so, any definition that is high definition or better will likely suffice. On the other hand, if you’re a movie buff or a gamer, you’re likely going to want to go with a 4K UHD TV. The main reason for this is modern movies, TV and games are made for 4K resolution. If you’re a gamer, the only way to clearly see the textures in-game the way they were meant to be seen is with a UHD screen. Likewise, UHD allows for more immersion if you’re big into movie and TVs, allowing it to become more of a cinematic, enjoyable and artistic experience instead of simple visual entertainment.

Think about how many HDMI-enabled devices you need to have connected to your TV, especially the ones that need to be constantly connected (for whatever reason). Some Sceptre TVs (usually the smaller ones) only have one or two HDMI ports, which will lead to a lot of swapping if you have multiple HDMI devices you presently use. However, some of the larger Sceptre TVs have three or four HDMI ports, which gives you more flexibility in terms of not having to disconnect some devices so you can reconnect others.

Remember that on any Sceptre TV, one of those HDMI ports will double as a Mobile High-Definition Link port, so your phone/tablet may be taking up that port for much off the time; factor that into your decision-making process if it’s going to be an issue that comes up for you.

Some Sceptre TVs have only a 60Hz refresh rate. Others can go up to 120Hz (whether through a setting or as a basic feature). If you watch a lot of fast-paced action, you may wish to have a model that has some sort of 120Hz support.

Some Sceptre TVs have an Audio Return Channel, but others don’t. If you’ll be listening to audio-only devices a lot, this may be a feature you might want for your Sceptre TV.

Most newer Sceptre TVs that support 4K resolution have HDCP 2.2 capability, which ensures all 4K content is copyrighted. This only applies to those interested in 4K TVs, however, so if you’re only interested in an HDTV or a FHD TV, then this won’t really factor into your decision process.

Consider whether you want a VESA wall mount ready TV. Some of the Sceptre TVs are VESA wall mount ready; others aren’t. If this is a feature that appeals to you, remember that when the time comes to narrow down your decisions. Also, remember that VESA wall mounting saves space, while camouflaging your TV’s overall appearance in your home, making for a neater, more aesthetically pleasing living room. So, if you haven’t thought about VESA wall mounting before, now may be the time to consider it.

Tips for choosing the best Sceptre TV for your needs

Because Sceptre TVs span a very broad spectrum from large to small with various definition displays, and even colors, there are a lot of things to consider when choosing the best Sceptre TV for your needs.

Keep the following in mind:

  • Consider whether you want an HDTV, an FHD TV or an UHD (4K) TV. Remember that the more demanding your applications are (such as gaming), the more likely you will be to want/need an UHD TV, though that isn’t as necessary for standard, casual TV watching. For most people, this is ultimately a preference thing tempered by budget.
  • Remember that the HDMI inputs on Sceptre TVs vary in number from 1 to 4. How many you need ultimately depends on how many HDMI devices you have and whether or not you mind swapping out your HDMI devices if you go with an option with fewer HDMI ports.
  • Keep in mind that HDMI 2.0 is backwards compatible, so it’s meant to work with older HDMI devices.
  • Choosing a Sceptre TV that is VESA wall mount ready can save you time and cost if you’re looking to wall mount your TV. Some models have this feature built-in; others don’t.
  • Always take measurements of the place you plan to put your TV. Think about whether you will have it wall mounted or on a stand. These things are the biggest determining factors in which size you ultimately go with. Some sizes are quite similar (30 inches verses 32 inches, for instance), but that small difference may or may not make a difference depending on your space and if you plan to mount it on the wall or not.
  • If you play a lot of fast-paced video games or enjoy sports or action movies, you may want to go with a model that has MEMC 120 built-in. This will ensure a smoother visual experience during fast activity and cut down on visual problems like motion blur.
  • Some models may have the option to choose professional installation. If you’re busy or are unable to install the TV yourself, you may wish to go with a TV that has that option.
  • Like other popular brands, Sceptre has TVs in a wide range of sizes. Make sure to pick the right size TV for the room you’ll be placing it in, otherwise you may not get an optimum viewing experience.
  • Sceptre TVs aren’t optimized to be used as PC monitors, though many of them can be. Do your due diligence and be sure of the specs before you make your purchase for best results.

Sceptre TV FAQs

Q. What is 4K UHD resolution?

A. 4K UHD TVs have twice the pixels as 1080p FHD TVs. Prior to the advent of the UHD, FHD TV was the gold standard. Now, UHD TVs are. While 8K TVs do exist, 4K is really what is most common in the commercial sector, and it’s what many modern video games and movies are optimized for. With 4K UHD, you get a much more lifelike, expressive visual experience with sharp contrast and great color.

Q. Is there a difference between HDTV and FHD TV (besides the name)?

A. Yes. HDTVs are a step up from standard definition TVs (like the ones you had in the eighties…if you were alive in the eighties). However, at only 720p, they just don’t have the pixel power of Full HDTVs (FHD), which has a 1080p resolution. On smaller televisions, this difference won’t be that noticeable. However, on larger screens, you will likely notice quite a difference—especially if you are very focused on visual quality.

Q. What does LED TV mean?

A. LED stands for “light emitting diodes”. Newer LED TVs are superior to their predecessors in that they’re capable of emitting organic light, and thus displaying the full range of colors we normally see in nature. This means a much more faithful visual representation of all of your favorite TV shows, movies and games. Additionally, LED TVs have greater contrast, so they give your image quality additionally clarity and really make a lot of difference in lower definition TVs, such as HDTVs, for instance.

Q. What is MEMC 120?

A. MEMC 120 is a technology that reduces visual distortions like motion blur that can wreak havoc on an otherwise perfect UHD experience. With this technology, the frame rate gets boosted, so there are no jitters, lags and blurs, delivering a cleaner, smoother performance—especially during action-packed sequences, sports and fast-paced video gameplay.

Q. Can you turn off MEMC 120?

A. Yes, you can. Though you will notice a degradation in the appearance of fast-paced sports, games and other things. If you watch a lot of action on screen, you should leave it on for the best possible visual experience.

Q. Can I use my Sceptre TV as a PC monitor?

A. A tentative yes. Yes, you can. But you have to make sure your specs align with what the Sceptre TV can do and that it’ll fit your performance needs. Sceptre TVs aren’t optimized to be used as PC monitors, but they do make for an impressive and versatile display with the spec-centric stars align.

Q. Do Sceptre TVs come with a remote?

A. Yes, many of the Sceptre TVs come with a CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) remote included. This convenient clicker allows you to control up to 15 HDMI-enabled devices.

Q. Are the Sceptre TVs in this roundup smart TVs?

A. No, they are not, but they offer many features that people use smart TVs for, such as streaming from your smart devices.

Q. Can you change the angle or zoom?

A. Yes, you can. It can be done via the TV settings.


If there’s one thing that can be said for certain, it’s that our review article have confirmed a wide range of quality TVs that fit a variety of needs and purposes. That said, as always, one winner stands out in this roundup: The Sceptre 65″ 4K LED Ultra HDTV.

The reason the Sceptre 65” 4K LED Ultra HDTV takes the top spot is because it offers the broadest range of features that consumers in 2017 have come to expect from a great TV. It delivers on its promise of unparalleled 4K quality, and overall functionality is phenomenal – especially for such a reasonable price. We highly recommend it.


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