Top 10 Best Adjustable Table Legs in 2021

Whenever we buy tables from the market, the biggest problem we experience is their legs are not adjustable. You have to adjust your position accordingly, and this can create posture problems for you. If you are in such a situation where table adjustment is a big problem for you, here we are to guide you. We have short-listed the best adjustable table legs that can improve body posture, and you can work at your convenience. Now you can adjust the existing table into any position you want with the best specifications. This will be helpful for you when it comes to select the appropriate product.

Product Reviews

1. Regency Kee Adjustable Leg, black & Chrome (Set of 4), 23″-35″

Regency Kee Adjustable Leg, black & Chrome (Set of 4), 23"-35"
  • Set of 4 keep adjustable post legs adjusts from 22-33-inches in Height to accommodate students of all ages
  • Height is easy for adults to adjust by loosening and tightening a bolt with included hex key
  • Attaches to virtually any wood tabletop with just a few screws

No matter if you want a table for your kids or office work, adjustability is the issue that needs to be addressed. There is no need to worry about the adjustable table because Regency Kee’s adjustable leg is here to serve you. The set of 4 legs gets installed in the table and adjustable height from 22-23inches. These adjustable legs can accommodate any age and easy to set up. You don’t need anyone’s help to adjust the legs due to the bolt and hex key. By pressing it, you can adjust it as you want in height. You don’t have to use multiple tools to set the legs after few minutes. These are the best adjustable table legs you can get your hands on.

If your table is easy to set up, then by using few screws, you can attach adjustable legs to the table. The material of Regency Kee adjustable legs is stainless steel for enhanced durability and maximum usage. This is the power solution for your posture problems, especially when you have to sit for hours and can’t adjust it. The appearance of the legs is classic as they are black in color and chrome underneath. These are stain-resistant and easy to clean, so you don’t have to worry about rust and corrosion. They are solid and get a firm grip without vibrating on any surface.


  • Easy to install
  • Adjustable height from 22-23″
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Solve posture problems of all ages


  • A lower plastic cap is delicate

2. Action Club 28″ Height Tall Adjustable Metal Office Table Furniture Leg Set

Action club 28" Height Tall Adjustable Metal Office Table Furniture Leg Set Black,Set of 4
  • Size: Hight(without mounting plate): 28 inch. Diameter:2 inch
  • Finishes: Matte Black, legs simply screw into mounting plates
  • Sturdy iron pipes easily support most table tops, adjustable plastic foot pad for leveling

The elegant looking and firm legs are the requirement of a table to stand strongly without vibrating. Action club 28″ height tall adjustable metal office table legs are the ones you are looking for to improve body posture. These table legs are firm and durable in performance and made of premium material to save you from damage issues. If looking for something robust to replace current table legs, your best option is action club legs. This product has built-in levelers and adjustable in height. The overall height is about 28”.

These sturdy legs can bear 220lbs of weight without breaking or misbalancing. For the installation, you don’t need professional help as you can install them by using screws. If you have never done carpentry projects, then you may need someone to assist you. They are heavy duty and give strong support to the table. The reasonable prices make these legs affordable for everyone, and now you can change the look of any table. The adjustable plastic footpad is easy to adjust, and you can level it as you want. To set up and install the legs is way too easy, and no additional accessories are required.


  • Bear 220lbs of weight
  • Heavy-duty legs for firm grip
  • Built-in levelers with adjustability
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • Due to plastic, it may wobble

3. SMARTSTANDARD 28 Inch Metal Hairpin Coffee Table Legs

SMARTSTANDARD 28 Inch Hairpin Table Legs, 3 Steel Rods 1/2 Inch Pipe Diameter, 800lbs Load Capacity, Mid-Century Style for Coffee Table, Side...
  • Made of Steel: These hairpin legs are made of 1/2 inch pipe diameter cold rolled sturdy steel. The heavy-duty table legs...
  • Thick Mount Plate: The mounting plate size is 4 3/4 inch in length,13/4 inch in width, and 3/16 inch in thickness. The...
  • Easy Installation: First, drilling five 3mm diameter holes in the countertop. M4x30mm screws are provided. So the...

Many people buy table legs, but later they can see several scratches on the floor due to no plastic support. Smart standard is the brand that has come up with durable and sturdy legs. These are adjustable and have additional floor protectors. If concerned about the floor and scared of dragging it, floor protectors keep it safe from scratches. These protectors also provide support to the wobbly table for stabilization. With any tabletop, you can install these legs easily without damaging the material. The flexibility of these legs will help you creating own space, and the overall height is 28″.

For easy installation, the mounting brackets are pre-drilled, and you can fix them in few minutes. The solid steel of the legs provides support to the tabletop and prevents the table from vibrating. The legs are finished with satin black powder and have a load capacity of 500lbs. These legs are stable and robust than 3/8″. The sleek and modern look of the table legs gives a decent look to the overall table and is suitable for any type of material. The appearance of the legs is glossy and smooth to the touch. These legs are made to add versatility to the table and suitable for any furniture. You need few minutes to install the legs into the table and improve the posture of a body.


  • Floor protectors for damage prevention
  • Premium material
  • 500lbs of load capacity
  • Easy to install


  • Heavy to handle

4. QLLY 28 inch Adjustable Metal Desk Legs, Office Table Furniture Leg Set

QLLY 28 inch Adjustable Metal Desk Legs, Office Table Furniture Leg Set, Set of 4 (Black)
  • Size - Height:28 inches/71.1cm (with mounting plate), screw mechanism on the bottom can adjust about 1 inch/2.5cm,...
  • Package - 4 x Furniture Leg, 20 x Screws, 4 x Mounting Plates.
  • Material - These Furniture legs are made of strong metal, they are heavy duty. One single Leg holds up to 220 lbs. Its...

The overall height of the table legs is 28″ with an elegant appearance and smooth finish. No matter what kind of a tabletop you are adjusting legs into, it can blend into the furniture and deliver a premium combination. These best adjustable table legs are made from heavy-duty metal to increase durability and make them work for years to come. The single-leg is capable of holding 220lbs of weight, and this proves the reliability of a product. Many people complain about the odor of the material, and they have to replace it after few months, but this product is odorless and easy to adjust.

You don’t need professional help for installing these legs into the table and you don’t need to worry about material damage. These legs are also eco-friendly, and even after discarding, they won’t harm any living being outside. Qlly adjustable table legs provide support to the tabletop and grab the floor firmly to prevent vibration. This product is suitable for all ages and helps improving body posture. By using limited tools, you can set it up without using additional accessories. These table legs are easy to adjust in small tables, big tables, and counter tables. These are easy to handle and clean without catching rust after few months. If you want to replace them, they are also easy to remove from the table.


  • Weight capacity of 220lbs
  • Odorless and eco-friendly
  • Easy to install
  • Made from premium material


  • Installation is not easy

5. Lorell Classroom Activity Table Low Height Adjustable Kit Leg

Lorell LLR99927 - Classroom Activity Table Low Height Adjustable Leg Kit
  • Product_Type - Leg
  • Country_Of_Origin - China
  • Assembly_Required - No

We all prefer high-quality table legs, but we all leave it due to affordability issues. Lorell has come up with excellent table legs that are adjustable and affordable in price. You don’t have to spend precious time in the market to find appropriate tops because they can fit beneath any table. No matter if you want to build a table for yourself or a child, it’s suitable to adjust for every age. The height of the table can be adjusted from 17″ to 25″. While setting the table after the installation of legs, you don’t have to push and pull. By simply moving the leg, you can adjust it to the position you want.

Many people suffer neck pain due to the position of the table, but now you can work for hours peacefully. These legs are suitable to adjust on any tabletop, whether round, rectangular, or kidney-shaped. The legs are of durable material that is suitable to drag on the floor without leave scratches behind. The table legs can work for years without damage or rust issues. They can firmly stand on the ground without vibrating or wobbling when working. These durable table legs are capable of bearing a weight above 220lbs. These adjustable table legs are odorless, and you don’t have to experience pungent furniture smell in the room ever again.


  • Adjustable in height
  • Made from durable material
  • Improve body posture
  • Easy to install by adding screws


  • Too small for adults

6. zoele Metal Adjustable Legs for Table/Bed

Tables are hard to adjust when you have loads of work pending, and it’s hard to sit anymore due to poor body posture. Zoele has durable, adjustable table legs, and now you can build your table. From the bed to the table, you can install them in any material. These legs are of metal and plastic that are easy to drag. These table legs are scratch-resistant, and you don’t have to worry about leaving scratches behind on the surface. They provide exceptional support to the table, so it won’t vibrate when putting weight over it.

Zoele has the best adjustable table legs you can buy to create an adjustable table for your crucial work. It will be possible for you to sit for hours without feeling burden or fatigued. By fixing screws inside legs, they will be installed beneath the table and give a decent look to the overall product. If you want to feel comfortable and secure while working, then you need Zoele metal adjustable legs. It can adjust from 7.87” to 8.66” easily. These legs are firm and robust that can bear more than 250lbs of weight without wobbling. They are easy to replace and carry anywhere. Due to lightweight legs, you can drag tables anywhere in the home. From the quality to an affordable price, you will get everything from this table.


  • Adjustable table legs
  • Easy to install
  • It can bear 250lbs+ of weight
  • Lightweight


  • Take time to install

7. Kullavik 28 Inch Adjustable Desk Legs Durable Table Legs

Kullavik 28 Inch Adjustable Desk Legs Durable Table Legs Heavy Duty Metal Furniture Legs for Office Desk, Coffee Table, Kitchen Table (Set of 4)-...
  • ✔️[HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL] Kullavik desk legs made of heavy duty cold rolled metal which is odorless and...
  • ✔️[ADJUSTABLE TABLE LEGS ] The original height of each table legs is 28 inch with mounting plate. There is a foot...
  • ✔️[PERFECT CHOICE] The 28 inch adjustable metal table legs are the perfect choice for modern desk, dining table,...

Kullavi best adjustable table legs are from heavy-duty cold-rolled metal that prevents the room from furniture odor. After discarding it, it will never harm the environment or animals due to its eco-friendly features. Each leg of the table can bear 220lbs of weight without wobbling or vibrating. The overall height of the table is about 28inches and has a mounting plate. Another massive advantage you will have from these legs is it has a footpad. It can expand to 1-inch additional to make it 29-inches. Each support of the table is lightweight and easy to drag without leaving scratches.

For the creation of a modern desk, work table, and kitchen table, there is nothing better than Kullavik table legs. The legs are easy to install and, in a few minutes table will be ready. The material is of high quality and adds elegance to the overall look of the table. Create furniture of your own choice and work peacefully. If you are equally concerned about the floor scrape, there is no better product than Kullavik legs. The stable bottom pad of the legs ensures longevity and avoids friction when grabbing the surface. The diameter of each leg is about 50mm/2″ that makes the table stronger to use for years to come. A dream workplace starts from the comfort that keeps you fresh till the end of the day.


  • Easy to set up
  • Scratch-resistant on the floor
  • Each leg bears 220lbs of weight
  • Lightweight and easy to drag


  • Stability may be an issue

8. MEETWARM 28 Inch Tall Height Adjustable Metal Office Table Legs

MEETWARM 28 Inch Tall Height Adjustable Metal Office Table Legs, 50mm Diameter, Kitchen Dinner Desk Furniture Leg Set, Set of 4 (Chrome)
  • Height: 28" (710mm),Diameter: 2" (50mm),220 lbs. (100kg) vertical load rating per leg
  • Leveler foot allows for an adjustment range of 1" (25 mm)
  • Easy Installation: Includes 4 mounting plates and screws

Usually, people who work for long hours may need a table that can bear the maximum load and provide stability to a user. In this case, you need to build your table for exceptional performance and work for the years to come. Meet warm has come up with great table legs that are easy to install, and you don’t need a whole day to make it. The installation is possible in few minutes by using 4-mounting plates and screws. The appearance of the legs is polished and gives a decent look to the room. A functional, stylish, and modern-looking table is all we need to make a place beautiful. An appropriate table can brighten up the room. These DIY projects can also boost confidence.

The overall height of the table is 28″, and the diameter is about 2-3/8″ for stability. Each leg of the table has a weight capacity of 220lbs, so you can put maximum items on it without wobbling. The metal mounting plates of the table provide stability on the floor, and you can drag easily without leaving lines on the floor. An adjustable foot pad makes things better when you want to adjust the table according to your height. The whole package has the necessary screws required for installation, so you don’t need additional accessories. The material is durable enough to work for a long time.


  • 220lbs of weight capacity
  • Adjustable foot pad for movement
  • Quick to set up
  • Move without leaving scratches


  • You may need an additional screw

9. AOWESM Stainless Steel Furniture Legs Cabinet Metal Legs 2 Inch Diameter Adjustable Kitchen Feet

AOWESM 4PCS Stainless Steel Furniture Legs 4 Inch, Adjustable Metal Furniture Feet 100mm, Kitchen Cabinet Replacement Leg with Screws for Tables,...
  • ✅ [CORROSION-RESISTANT] - To promote long-lasting use and dependable safety, the most body of these FURNITURE LEGS is...
  • ✅ [THICKENING & UPGRADING] - With thickening and upgrading stainless steel pipe wall, steel plate and ABS base, the...
  • ✅ [ADJUSTABLE DESIGN] - Adjustable part of the CABINET METAL LEG is black plastic base, which can be rotated to...

None of us want to invest in a table that catches rust in no time and hard to install. Aowesm is the right product you were looking for in the market to create your elegant work table. These legs are adjustable and corrosion-resistant to last for a long time. The best adjustable table legs are of 304-grade stainless steel with a black plated surface that provides a luxurious look to the whole place. If you are cleaning the legs from detergent, it can still prevent rust and corrosion. The thickening and upgraded stainless steel material ensure reliability even if you are putting maximum weight.

The adjustable furniture foot of the table allows the user to bear maximum weight without damaging any leg. This product is easy to install, and you don’t have to buy additional accessories anymore. As soon as the package arrives, you can start installing the table immediately. Due to the stable texture, this table can stand firmly on an uneven surface without wobbling. You can create almost any kind of table from these legs, and you will be satisfied with the results. The working load of the table is quite impressive as a single leg can bear 220lbs of weight. The 16-mounting screws of the table are enough to install it.


  • Adjustable furniture foot
  • 220lbs of weight
  • Assemble in few minutes
  • Texture allows stability on an uneven surface


  • Require support when installing

10. Black Adjustable Table Leg Set – Set of 4

Black Adjustable Table Leg Set - Set of 4
  • Legs simply screw into mounting plates
  • Four 28'' Long x 2'' Diameter metal legs

Usually, people like to add black legs beneath the table due to elegance, and it always compliments the overall furniture of the room. This black adjustable table leg set is exceptional in quality and can work for a long time when fixed beneath the table. You don’t have to spend countless dollars on the purchase of an adjustable table when you can make one. By buying this black adjustable table leg set, you can create your table without investing in additional accessories. By using few screws, you can install the legs of a table. You may take professional help from a carpenter to create it properly without issues in installation.

The overall height of the table is about 28″, but due to adjustable foot, you can expand one inch of the base. The single leg of the table can bear 220lbs of weight, and you can put on the maximum burden on the top. The legs are strong enough to grab the uneven surface, and you won’t feel wobbling when working on it. Due to adjustable legs, you can work for long hours, and poor posture won’t affect your health. Once you create the table, you will love every bit of it and how it can make you comfortable. You will be pleased with the sturdiness and durability of the table.


  • Adjustable furniture pad
  • Weight capacity of 220lbs
  • Improves body posture
  • Stable on an uneven surface


  • Screws are difficult to adjust

Buying Guide

If you love to attempt DIY projects and want to create an adjustable table, let us guide you.

Good Quality

The quality of the adjustable table legs should be high; after installation, you won’t have to replace them in few months. While buying, ensure that the material of the table legs is premium and suitable to last for years. If creating a table for work, then you must get something exceptional that can bear maximum weight. Never compromise on the quality as it can affect the performance and installation process as well.


Best adjustable table legs should be easy to install, especially when creating a table on your own. Many people have to ask for professional help when fixing legs beneath the table due to complex installation. The process should have minimum screws to assemble in few minutes. The setup process must be simple and allow you to complete the DIY project in no time. Some of the legs have pre-drilled mounting holes that are easy to adjust without much effort.

Floor Protectors

Many people are scared of their floor because they can’t bear lines. Scratches on the surface are hard to remove due to the dragging of the table. While searching for the best adjustable table legs, ensure it has floor protectors to save the surface from scratches. These rubber caps prevent lines on any kind of floor and easy to drag. A floor protector is a must-have accessory when you are buying a table leg.

Appearance and Stability

When it comes to buying the best adjustable table legs, appearance and stability are of great importance. Without an elegant appearance, there is no use of table legs. For excellent stability, ensure it has a furniture pad, that can stand on the uneven surface without wobbling or vibration. It must have the capacity to bear maximum load without vibrating.

Final Thoughts

Before buying any of the adjustable table legs, ensure that you have checked the compatibility with the tabletop. This buying guide and product review must have helped you pick out the right product for the table. Stability and durability are of great importance when you are building a table on your own. These adjustable legs will improve your posture even if standing or in a sitting position.


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