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Here’s a free fact: the best table saw fences can make your projects go from clumsy to professional. For that, of course, you need an excellent fence, not just any model.

The problem is; there are just too many options for you to choose from, which makes choosing one of the best table saw fences quite the hard chore. That is why we invested our time and expertise into trying and reviewing various models to compile a final list of the best table saw fences you can get today.

Can’t wait to see the list and make your choice? Well, here goes our roundup of the best table saw fences!

The Best Table Saw Fences – Our Picks

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#1 – Delta 36-T30 T2 Table Saw Fence

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The Delta is our first runner-up in this roundup of the best table saw fences. The unit is strongly built and has a solid solder in order to keep the joins in place while under pressure.

This model is useful for a large variety of projects and holds the workpiece rigidly. It adopts a T-Square gripping system that’s extremely precise.

The Delta 36-t30 t2 gets the job done properly and is likely to nail your projects very well. Its fence corresponds with a variety of saws, and when in need, you can customize the existing holes to get it to adapt to your table.

There are a couple of reasons why it is ranked second, though. First off, installing this table saw fence can be challenging. It does come with fasteners, but its pre-drilled gaps are not likely to match with your table. On the other hand, you will need around two hours drilling holes in this fence because it is impressively strong, which is a good thing – or is it?

Now, the second reason why it is the runner-up rather than the top choice in our list of the best table saw fences is that its handle is made of plastic. Not to be pedantic, but a model of outstanding quality should not have a plastic handle.

What we like about it

The Delta is of excellent quality. It is robust and hard to pierce. And since this model is steady, then it sure is highly accurate and durable. Not to forget that it grips the surface very tightly. Last but not least, it comes with a two-year warranty; if anything goes berserk in your workshop while this fence is in use, you will be able to get it fixed or replaced for free.

#2 – Shop Fox W1410 Table Saw Fence

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In case you need a strong but also affordable fence, we would like to inform you that the Shop Fox is one of the best table saw fences and that it is easy on the pocket. Although basic, this model gets the job done very well and is adaptable to most 27-inch saws, including former models.

It also just takes some minutes to install this model since it comes with straightforward mounting instructions. No matter what kind of table saw you have, be it hybrid, contractor, or portable, you won’t find it hard to get this fence in place. Quite convenient, isn’t it?

Our best for the money pick has precise alignment, even if you do not fasten it into place. It also has ball bearing guides, which means it will grant you very smooth movement and the ability to move the fence using one finger. It just couldn’t get any simpler than this.

The Shop Fox fence comes with a big fastening lever, making it very easy to lock into place and it also locks on both ends to guarantee precision.

What we like about it

This fence is manufactured by a recognizable brand which has an excellent reputation for its high-quality products. It is also effortless to assemble since it comes with clear instructions. In addition to that, this fence moves very smoothly, and its roller tracking system guarantees accuracy. But most importantly, it comes for a perfect price and gets the job done. All of that makes the Shop Fox W1410 one of the best table saw fences that you can get today.

#3 – Shop Fox W1716

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This one might not be among the best table saw fences aesthetically, but it gets the job done. It is a condensed model and works well in general. It is characterized by its high-quality as well as its durability. It also comes with a magnified cursor, which is an excellent idea since it makes it easier to see the measurements.

The main reason this model is fourth on our list is its unsatisfactory maximum rip of 30 inches. It is sufficient for small home tasks but quite limiting for something broader.

Now depending on what you prefer, this fence’s heaviness can either be a good trait or a bad one.

It is a decent product globally if you can look past its inflexibility caused by the low maximum rip.

This model’s manufacturers followed the steps of the previous ones regarding instructions for installation, but we could luckily get a hold of a YouTube video to help. However, its installation was not as easy as that of other models since you are supposed to drill your own holes to meet your needs.

What we like about it

Four things might get you to buy this specific fence. The first is that it is reasonably priced. Not as affordable as our best for the money, of course, but accessible enough. The second factor is its sturdy structure as well as its durability. Thirdly, it comes with a magnified cursor that makes it simpler for you to see the measurements. Last but not least, this fence gets the job done well, which is what anyone seeks in any product.

#4 – Delta 78-919BT2 Table Saw Fence

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As said in our introduction, this list includes the good as well as the bad. We’ve mentioned the good, and now it is time for the bad. The reason this model is on our list is that we wanted to let you know that buying it would be a huge mistake. We thought that since this model was manufactured in the U.S, it would be a first-rate model.

Well, it definitely proved us wrong. It is rickety and does not work well at all. We should have been alarmed by the plastic on the guide at first sight because the Delta does not come for a low price and it should at least live up to it.

As for the cherry on top, we learned that it was not made in the U.S in the first place. It just feels that it was made by an amateur on a budget, not to forget that we caught a glimpse of some complaints about the metal being arched in place when delivered.

What we like about it

Seriously, do not even try to look for anything to like about this unit. If you do, you will probably come back empty-handed. Although there is one thing that could be slightly satisfactory, which is the model’s black color that is likely to blend in well with the garbage bag where it belongs. If you’re looking for one of the best Table Saw Fences you can get today, this is not the way to go.

Choosing the Best Table Saw Fences – Buying Guide     

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Now that you have enough information about the top choices in terms of precision, you might use a deal-breaker to help you choose between your best two options.

Here is a list of factors that you should consider before picking one of the best table saw fences reviewed above:

Manual vs. Electric

When using a manual table saw fence, you will need to push the wood along to cut it continually. This process will undoubtedly become tiresome over time.

If you are to cut large quotas of wood daily, an electric model will be more useful for you as it will take care of the heavy lifting for you. That way, you will have more freedom to focus on creativity and exceptional work.

Electric fences also come in handy when you are looking to do highly accurate work. It switches smoothly between measurements and will spare you some thinking.

Finally, you may want to spend some extra money on your fence. You will be stuck with this purchase for years, and low-cost models cannot survive that long. They are prone to break and shake and not give you an accurate outcome.

Saving up to finally get a high-quality model is way better than getting a low-quality fence just because it is affordable.

Types of Fences 

There might be a large variety of options when it comes to the table saw fences when, in fact, they could all fit in two basic categories; the T-Square fence and the standard table fence.

The hindmost can be more useful for sliding table saw owners. The fence’s ability to move back and fro will allow you to get more accurate cuts. It can also remain horizontal, which is crucial for thin tasks.

All of the systems on our list are T-Square. They are perfect for accurate geometric squares and rectangles. The majority of these permit the adding of jigs and different tools that grant you higher precision.

Choosing a Model That Will Fit

Every fence has a particular range. It’s possible to customize a little, especially when it comes to drilling new holes to rearrange the locks. But you still have to check the range of sizes and specific saws that fit with your fence.

Taking the time to measure your table and saw to get the perfect match will undoubtedly pay off. Especially that you will need these measurements when installing the fence, so that time will not be wasted.

Consider the Accessories as Well

The model’s ability to hold a variety of accessories such as jigs in place might not be something you need straight away, but it may become crucial for your future progressive projects. For that, picking a fence that grants you the ability to attach extra accessories to it will give you more versatility.

Now we are not saying that it is crucial, so if you got your eyes on a fence that does not have this feature, you should not be discouraged to buy it. However, most reputable brands have this feature.

Stick with a Reputable Brand

You may want to consider the offered warranty with the product as well as its customer service.

Well-known companies have a straightforward returns strategy and are willing to fix anything that goes wrong for you.

If you start with a good brand, you are unlikely to face any troubles.

Picking the Best Table Saw Fences – Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Even Need a Table Saw Fence?

Strictly speaking, you could skip this part. But if you put into consideration the expensive lumber, the precision you can get with a good table saw means it’s worth it.

Plus, if the fence that you get with your saw goes berserk, you certainly would not want that to mess up your projects.

What Are the Essentials When Looking for a Table Saw Fence?

Part of the excitement about picking a fence is that you are free to choose the rip capacity. This freedom is beneficial when you are planning to do more significant tasks. Not to forget that you have to make sure that the fence is perfect for your saw.

In addition to that, you have to make sure that you are capable of setting the fence perfectly parallel to your saw’s blade and secure the whole thing in place. For that, you will need a mechanism that is easy to adjust and helps with guiding the lumber.

Check if you can move it across your table quickly. Calibration is probably facile to inspect since you’ll regularly be doing.

As for the rip capacity, choose the one that’s perfect for your projects. A typical doorway, for example, is 18 to 36 inches wide.

Picking the alternative with the most significant rip capacity that you can afford will grant you the best use of your fence. Since the hindmost will be present in your workshop for years, the calibration is totally worth checking.

The system’s ease in moving is crucial when it comes to productivity, which brings us to this question: how much are you planning to use it?

Precision is of enormous importance and sometimes, so is micro-precision. Check if the arm has a built-in measuring scale and the size of the units. The smaller the units, the more accurate they are.

Also, do not forget to inspect the quality of the unit marking, how easily you can read them, and how long they’re likely to last. In the cheap models’ case, the markings disappear really fast, leaving the fence useless.


It is undeniable that anyone looking for what they believe is the best table saw fence has an extensive range to choose from. We hope that by this time, you know enough about table saw fences to be able to choose among various models.

After having read our buyer’s guide, we are quite sure that you’re able to purchase the best table saw fence – one that suits both your needs and your budget.

Now, what are you waiting for? Get going already; your projects aren’t going to get themselves done!


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