EERO Pro Home Mesh WiFi System Review

Product Quick View

Amazon eero Pro mesh WiFi system - 3-Pack
  • Whole-home WiFi system - The Amazon eero Pro mesh WiFi system (3 eero Pros) replaces the traditional WiFi router, WiFi...
  • eero 2nd generation - With the most intelligent mesh WiFi technology and powerful hardware, the eero 2nd generation WiFi...
  • Cutting edge home WiFi - Unlike the common internet routers and wireless access points, eero automatically updates once...
The Good
  • Remarkable roaming capability
  • Varied setup options
  • Outstanding admin control
  • Consistent and reliable
  • Excellent customer support
  • Easy to set up
  • Full coverage
Not So Good
  • Limited analytics data

eero Pro Home Mesh WiFi System Review


Our eero Pro home WiFi System Review is intended to analyze the features of this popular WiFi system. The eero Pro comes with auto-detecting Ethernet ports (2) to connect your devices, like for example a modem or extra eero Pro. The upgrade of the products shows one more 5GHz radio making it tri-band, to make possible a reliable and fast connection in all the areas of your home at the same time.

The ability to add an extra 1500 square foot of coverage to an existent eero system is one of the most remarkable highlights of the product, which together with the fact that the eero Pro can also can be used as a gateway, makes the system difficult to overpass.

In summary we think the product is an excellent alternative for people that needs ample and reliable WiFi coverage and have the possibility to afford the price of the system.

eero Pro Mesh Explained

The way that the eero Pro works, consists in a system that is formed by several modules located in strategic points of your home which are linked to the main one, which in turn is connected to a modem in order to get the best coverage for the entire house. The system uses only one password and SSID for all the users of the unique wireless network.

This solution is perfect to avoid blind spots, and week connection at some areas of the house. The location of the nodes or modules can be changed easily to try to get the best possible coverage, despite that the system have the ability to find the optimal places to locate them. Also these mesh systems gives you the chance to add more modules to the setup, so you can improve even more the coverage.

Other devices like some appliances that you use at home may be interfering with the signal of your network, but again the mobility of the nodes of the network makes this issue easy to deal with.

eero Pro home WiFi System Introduction

The WiFi systems give the great advantage that you don’ need extenders, or access points to get a great coverage for larger homes. Also the configuration is really simple allowing the use of the network even when you change rooms without the necessity of logging in to extra devices to get access.

eero is one of the pioneers in the application of the mesh technology, and is recognized by the presence of several features in their system, specially its potent hardware, bandwidth distribution technologies and security protection.

eero Pro home WiFi System Specs.

  • Processor: 700 MHz quad-core
  • Flash Storage: 4GB
  • Ram: 512MB RAM
  • Dimensions: 4.76in W, 4.76in L,  1.26in H
  • Power: 100-240V AC, 50-60 Hz

Features Of the eero Pro

  • NAT, DHCP, IPV6, VPN Passthrough
  • Warranty: 1 year limited
  • UPnP, Static IP
  • iOS or Android supported
  • Proprietary TrueMesh technology

eero Pro System Setup

The setup of the system is easy and their app will guide you across the procedure. The different steps to accomplish the mission are as follow:

To start the first thing that you have to be sure is that you smartphone is on, then you will need that your eero device is plugged to your modem and also have access to a power outlet.

Using the Bluetooth capability the mobile device will connect to the eero to start the process.

Then, you will be asked about the characteristics of your house, meaning, amount of stories, area in square ft., and which of a series of pre-established layouts is similar to your home. All this is made in order to figure out which is the right setup for your home network.

After you click next, the smartphone will scan the Bluetooth network to find your eero and start the configuration of your own network. Questions about your access restrictions preferences and name of your new network will be asked to complete the installation of the first module.

The app is designed in a way that will recommend the best places in which the remaining modules should be installed, requiring only any even surface, like some piece of flat furniture or even can be located on the wall of the areas.

After that, if everything is OK, the device will show a statement saying that your network was created.

 eero Pro: Gigabit Ethernet Ports

Coverage Of The  eero Pro Home WiFi System

The best performance of the eero Pro is guaranteed by both technologies Beamforming and MIMO.

Beamforming is the technology in charge of the intelligent distribution of the network’s bandwidth. This feature diminishes the power of the connection in areas that are unused, and focus the strength of the signal in location of the house that have more network activity.

MIMO works distributing the signal to users that needs more bandwidth, giving for example priority to users of the network that for example are streaming movies, or playing games over users that are only browsing the web without the need of  a great amount of bandwidth.

It is important also to have in account, that even though each eero covers about 1500 feet, there are also other factors that affect the coverage of your house’s network.

Some important factors are the layout of your individual house, the building materials that were used when it was built, the interference that can  affect the connection, and how the eeros are located.

If the set up of the system is done properly, and the aforementioned factors are in your favor, all these put together  adding to the great capacity of the devices that are part of the system, in our opinion the eero pro will be difficult to overcome.

eero Pro Tri-Band

Security And parental Control Features

The eero Pro WiFi system presents many nice features, but some that stands out over other systems are the security and parental control that the system comes with.

Automatic security updates and malware detection work permanently, preventing that the users of our network can be affected by attacks and viruses. The constant updates that are working in the background, guarantee the peace of mind that parents need about the safe use of the connection by their family.

The ability to set up an independent network, without the necessity to use a password, but with some boundaries like time frames in which can be used or the amount of bandwidth that can get, is present in the system, which is something that really facilitate the control of the parents over the kind of use that the kids make of the internet. Beyond that, content filters for specific devices are also possible which is a plus for any home system.

Streaming and  Gaming With The eero Pro Home WiFi System

The system provide the opportunity to the members of you family to develop different activities independently without the annoying buffering in the case of the users that like streaming, or the frustrating lagging that disturb the gamers. The coverage for these kind of users will be more than enough for the bandwidth requirements that they need for a great user experience.

What Do The Customers Say?

Th second generation of the system in general receive very positive opinions regarding the efficient coverage and the simplicity of the set up of it. Comparing with the Google system, several older buyers of it, state that the reliability and consistency of the eero Pro would make them prefer it over the Google one. One of the facts that other clients like is that the eero allows to enhance the coverage by adding more modules to the system.

We think that a sign of the quality of the product is that clients review shows a huge amount  of positive opinions about the product, and also that the system had an excellent reception by the buyers of the Amazon Prime day making it one of the best performers of the season.

eero Pro Design

The system is designed for houses or apartments that need Tri-band connectivity, and its look has not changed when compared to older releases. With dimensions of: 1.3 in. H X 4.7 in. W X 4.7 in D. the modules presents a square shape with rounded corners, which comes with a single LED display on, and 2 Gigabit LAN ports, reset switch and USB power port at the rear.