Best PCI Wifi Card for 2021

It’s not an easy task to upgrade your system to get stable internet and for gaming purposes. We all prefer wireless internet connection over wired due to ease of traveling and how we don’t have to confine at one place. Majority of our daily routine task depends on the internet, from browsing a fine restaurant to order something online, our major part of the day depends on a stable internet connection. To upgrade your system and for superior performance, you have to add the best PCI WiFi card. These cards are available in different shapes and sizes, depends on your requirement.

If you are searching for some of the best PCI Wi-Fi cards, then you have landed at just the right place. Let us provide you complete buying guidance and what products are hot selling in the market. From the coverage range to impressive speed, you will improve connectivity in the best possible way.

First Glance: Our Top 3 Picks For Best PCI Wi-Fi Cards

Here are some of the best PCI Wi-Fi cards you can use to upgrade the system and make your life easier.

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It’s not possible to achieve the highest internet speed without upgrading your system. If you don’t want to compromise on the speed and want to invest in something worth your money, then TP-link TL-WDN4800 N900 dual-band wireless best PCI WiFi card is the best product. From the impressive compatibility to long-range, this product can convey all the features you require to make your system outstanding among all. This product by TP-Link has come up with advanced heat sink technology to prevent your system from heating up. It also helps in distributing heat in all parts equally to maintain the balance.

WDN4800 ensures that all the components of the system are working genuinely and efficiently. This card is ideal for people who love to indulge in gaming, video streaming, and browsing. It gets combined with the antennas to deliver high-speed internet to a user. The best thing about this product is its impressive range for unnecessary signal dropping. You will love every bit of this card due to its outstanding compatibility with the system without disturbing other functions.


  • ✓It can deliver a Wi-Fi speed of about 900Mbps and works on the standard of 802.11.
  • ✓It’s easy to set up along with 3-antennas to provide powerful signal strength.
  • ✓TP-Link WDN4800 best PCI WiFi card supports online gaming, 4K HD streaming, and large file downloads.
  • ✓It has MIMO technology to make setup convenient, and you can share it with several wireless devices.


  • ✓Installation of the device may require professional help and, daunting to

#2 – ASUS PCE-AC88 Dual-Band 4×4 AC3100 WiFi PCIe Adapter

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ASUS is another premium brand that is offering high-end performance and impressive speed to a user. The performance of this product is enough to make you it’s a fan. This PCI Wi-Fi card is only not responsible for enhancing the range but increases the signal strength. Heat sink technology prevents the system from overheating and enhances the efficiency of the card. The PCI Wi-Fi card has come up with NitroQAM technology to provide an outstanding speed of about 2100Mbps.

When using Wi-Fi on a desktop, it delivers 60% of more speed in gaming and video streaming. This product has the title of being the first efficient 4×4 adapter in the market. It has four flexible antennas and has the potential of transferring heavy files.  ASUS AC88 Wi-Fi card will make you satisfy with powerful performance and powerful signal strength without interruptions in your browsing session.


  • ✓ASUS PCE-AC88 Wi-Fi card has heat sink technology to prevent system overheating.
  • ✓The card has come up with rugged signal strength and the NitroQam feature to deliver 2100Mbps of speed.
  • ✓The flexible antennas of this best PCI WiFi card can be placed anywhere to connect with maximum strength. It’s the first 4×4 adapter on the market.
  • ✓Antennas have an external base, and the device is stable enough to work continuously without dropping in the middle.


  • ✓It supports only 802 standard devices, and sometimes performance can be affected by the service provider.

#3 – Gigabyte GC-WB867D-I REV Bluetooth 4.2

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If you are searching for something that should be best in performance but within the budget, Gigabyte GC-WB867D-I Rev is available to fulfill your internet requirement. This superior product can offer outstanding performance to a user with stability. It has a robust Bluetooth feature to make your system compatible and prevents signal dropping as well. A standard-compliant modulus system is responsible for enhancing the reliability of the PCI Wi-Fi card. There is no need to ask for professional help while installing this card into the system. It’s small and compact to fit easily in the slot.

The antennas of the card are flexible and capable of delivering robust signal strength to a user. It’s small in size that you can hide it under the graphic card area. It can convey 867Mbps of connection speed to support live streaming and gaming without interruptions. It assists Intel WIDI, and the range of Wi-Fi is ideal for gamers.


  • ✓Gigabyte GC-WB867D-I Rev card supports gaming, video streaming, and heavy file transfer within a few minutes.
  • ✓It has a standard-compliant modulus system for enhancing the system’s reliability while using the internet.
  • ✓The device is capable of delivering 867Mbps of maximum speed, and it’s easy to install.
  • ✓The antennas of this best PCI WiFi card are durable. It has a strong base to catch the maximum signal strength.


  • ✓A user has to download Qualcomm Bluetooth driver and have to enable audio streaming manually.

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It is another exceptional product by TP-Link that is capable of delivering high-end performance to a user. If you are a user dependent on the internet for all of its tasks, this product is specifically for you. It will not only upgrade your system but enhances the performance of the Wi-Fi device as well. It has dual-band technology that allows you to switch between different speeds and strengths suitable for your work. AC1300 is offering advanced mechanism technology that delivers three times faster momentum compared to other PCI Wi-Fi cards.

It will allow you to experience high-speed computing and gaming. It is one of the best PCI Wi-Fi cards that can stream HD content in no time. It also has heat sink technology to prevent the system from overheating. It delivers an internet speed of about 867Mbps with stability.


  • ✓It delivers a high-speed of about 867Mbps and suitable for users who need stable connections.
  • ✓It can stream online gaming and videos within a few minutes without buffering problems.
  • ✓The higher compatibility of a card allows users to connect with different PCs without complications.
  • ✓It has detachable antennas to customize the signal strength and for a stable connection.


  • ✓The installation process may take time, and it’s expensive compared to other devices.

#5 – Rosewill 802.11N, N900 PCI Express WiFi Card

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It’s one of the best PCI Wifi cards you can have on a limited budget. It’s a complete package in terms of performance and long-range. If you are hunting for something exceptional in the market, this product must be on your list. It’s offering a dual-band setup to deliver robust internet strength and for a stable connection. The card is capable of conveying a speed of about 450Mbps with rugged connectivity. It has come up with beamforming technology to let devices connect to the Wi-Fi without interruptions.

To prevent your system from heating up due to continuous usage, it’s offering heat sink technology. This feature will keep the core cool and, heat will not affect specific parts of the system. The high-security features make your browsing safe from online threats, and it’s compatible with almost all devices. As a hardcore gamer, you will be satisfied with the coverage and stable connectivity.


  • ✓Beamforming technology allows quick connectivity to WiFi and will enhance the browsing experience.
  • ✓This best PCI WiFi card can provide 450Mbps of internet speed with stable coverage at the whole place.
  • ✓Heat sink technology prevents the system from overheating and keeps the core cool.
  • ✓It makes gaming and video streaming promising without interrupting or buffering problems.


  • ✓Installation of the card into the system may take time, and you may need help as well.

PCI Wifi Card Buying Guide

Before choosing the best PCI WiFi card from the market, ensure that you have gone through the complete guide.

Why do I need a Wi-Fi card to enhance the system’s performance?

Wi-Fi cards known as the LAN cards are responsible for enhancing the system’s performance by improving the connectivity range and browsing experience. They come in different sizes and shapes, but it depends on your system and requirement that what kind of card is suitable for your needs. It helps in boosting the overall performance of your PC without threatening security and other components.

Factors to Consider While Buying Best PCI WiFi Card

While making a buying decision regarding the best PCI WiFi card, consider some of the factors we have listed below to get your hands on the best product.

Higher Compatibility:

The first thing that should be your priority before choosing any of the WiFi cards is its compatibility. It should be compatible with your system as well as with requirements. When using a package offering a higher speed, then don’t buy a card with slow performance. It will leave adverse effects on your system. Always choose a card with a higher pace and universal compatibility to enhance the internet experience as much as possible.

Signal Strength:

Signal strength is another factor you need to remember before buying a card for the system. Your card needs to catch the power from a device and, its power must be good enough to deal with signals. Check antennas of the adapter and whether capable of delivering a powerful sign to other devices by showing flexibility or not? This feature plays a crucial role in carrying a stable internet connection to the user.

Operating System:

The majority of the WiFi cards are compatible with Windows 7 but if you are using Linux or Mac, then first make sure your card is supporting a specific operating system. It will be a massive disappointment for you if the card will not work after getting fixed in your system. Never buy a card without checking the compatibility and features of the card with your system.

Cooling Technology:

After enhancing the system’s speed, some of the WiFi cards are capable of overheating your system. It will damage the internal mechanism, and you will be replacing a few components due to heat damage. Another feature you need to check in the card is about cooling technology. Ensure that it has cooling technology to distribute the heat equally into the different parts without damaging any function.

Working Range:

Working range is the massive reason why we always choose the best WiFi card for performance improvement. While buying the card, you need to make sure that the working range of the PCI WiFi card is impressive, and enough to provide coverage to your area. It should be faster and efficient to update the whole system timely without threatening other functions.

Final Thoughts

When searching for the best PCI WiFi cards, always go through the buying guide to prevent scams. After considering all these buying factors, you can choose the robust and fast card to fulfill your professional needs. To have a constant stable internet connection throughout the gaming or video streaming, install the best PCI WiFi card into your system and avail the maximum benefits. Create your internet network and make quick browsing promising without replacing the whole system. All the products we have listed above are excellent in terms of performance and stability; you won’t regret investing in any of these products.

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