Best Curved Soprano Sax in 2021

Best Curved Soprano Sax

Are you a Simpsons fan?

Well, do you remember the saxophone that Lisa played?

Well, that my friend is a curved soprano sax.

Curved soprano sax is the second most popular soprano saxophones out there right now.

Second only to the straight soprano sax.

The main difference between these two is definitely the sound. It’s obviously different. The curved sax is tuned in B flat and the straight sax is tuned to the key of E flat. The curved soprano sax sounds way more fuller because the mouthpiece faces closer to the ear.

Some say it sounds richer too. I’m not sure about that but it does sound more awesome.

To make a long story short, beginners like the Curved Sopranos more. It’s because of the shape and the typical sound of a saxophone that we’ve all become accustomed too.

Here we look at the best curved soprano saxs that are out there for the year 2021:

Hawk Curved Soprano

Hawk Curved Soprano Saxophone Gold with Case, Mouthpiece and Reed
  • Includes deluxe case, neck strap, mouthpiece, ligature, reed and cap
  • Easy-action springs
  • High quality leather pads

Overall a great curved soprano saxophone but it does seem to have intonation problems.

What is intonation? Intonation is the ability to hear if something is in ‘tone’ or not. Basically, if something sound right or is off. So if this soprano model has intonation issues, it means the sound is not what it’s supposed to be. This is either because the soprano sax is not tuned properly or parts used are not working well together.

So a quick and lasting remedy would be to get another mouthpiece. In addition, it comes with a mouthpiece, a case, and a few other things. Some do report disliking it for various reasons but it’s a popular choice for more experienced players.

There seems to be a quality control issue here so I hope the Hawk team figures that out soon.

Birdland Soprano Sax

Birdland soprano saxophone B flat (Bb), lightweight soprano sax, Gold lacquer Saxophone Soprano with Carrying Case, Mouthpiece, Ligature, Cap,...
  • B flat gold soprano saxophone produces sonorous fat sound that is worthy of demanding musicians.
  • Our soprano sax has reliable mechanisms and totally meets technical standards.
  • Light and easy playable intermediate soprano saxophone will fit beginners who make the first steps.

This is a great pick for beginners. Whether you are a student or an enthusiast, most report the build and the sound of this curved sax is really good. The gold color is quite appreciated by most. If this is your first time, Birdland might be a good choice. Easy on the eyes and easy on the weight as well.

SKY Bb Curved Soprano Sax

SKY Bb Curved Soprano Saxophone with Case and Accessories
  • High F# key
  • Engraved bell
  • Leather pads with mother-of-pearl finger buttons

Sky Music is the brand behind this curved soprano sax. It comes with a mouthpiece, neck strap and a bunch of other stuff. If you are new aka a beginner, this is another well-respected soprano sax out there right now. There seems to be some confusion with the users but the best way to clear that is by directly contacting the seller. Always go straight to the source to solve your problem.

Herche Superior Alto Sax

If we had to hand pick one specific model of a curved saxophone for the beginner, this would be it. That said, a lot of intermediate sax players praise this Herche sax too. It comes with a nice hard case, a neck strap, and a few other essentials. The sound is reported great by most and overall, it would be hard to find a better bundle especially if your budget is not massive. If it’s not damaged in shipping or anything like that, most likely, you may be pretty satisfied. Granted it’s not a soprano but it’s definitley one of the best alto sax out there. Most importantly, students and beginners love it.

Eastar AS-Ⅱ Student Alto Sax

Eastar AS-Ⅱ Student Alto Saxophone E Flat Gold Lacquer Alto Beginner Sax Full Kit With Carrying Sax Case Mouthpiece Straps Reeds Stand
  • ❤️Unlock Your Musical Potential: The Eastar E flat alto saxophone is a great choice for beginners and hobbyists...
  • 🎵Experience Exceptional Sound Quality: Featuring a wide range and richer tone, Eastar saxophone provides a smooth...
  • ✨Crafted with Excellence: Made with advanced copper, this classic U-shape design saxophone boasts handcrafted...

Another beautiful package/bundle deal that will definitely get you super excited. Heck this package also includes a full-on saxophone stand. The tone quality is described as amazing and even long-time players consider this a quality musical instrument. If quality and value is important to you, this may be the right sax bundle for you.

Curved Soprano Sax Brands

Just like acoustic guitars and a few other things, Yamaha is the king of sopranos as well. However, in this list, you’ll find the “NEW” guys that are definitely making a dent in the curved soprano sax world.


These guys don’t necessarily specialize in soprano sax brands but since they’ve entered it, a lot of people in the market have been taken by storm. Hawk is a brand that makes all kinds of products and now you can add a curved soprano sax to the list as well. They are kind of an unknown in the music world so let’s see how things pan out. One thing is for sure, so far the response to them by most has been quite admirable. Let’s hope they continue this winning streak.

Birdland Music Instruments

Another up and coming brand but unlike Hawk, these guys actually specialize in musical instruments. Seems to be a newcomer in the curved soprano game, the Birdland team has released a surprisingly well-liked curved soprano sax. We’ve even featured it on our list above. Believe it or not, looks like these guys hail from Russia. Love to see some new countries get in the musical instrument game. The more the better.

Sky Music

These guys have been doing a great job with making classical music. They kind of fly under the radar but make great products including violins and curved saxophone for beginners and total first timers.

Love to see one of their instruments really breakthrough the market and bring more limelight to this brand. Definitely looking forward to where these guys are headed in the near future.

Anatomy of a Curved Soprano Sax

Anatomy of a Curved Soprano Sax

Although all you have to do is blow in one, a saxophone is actually quite a sophisticated musical instrument. Let’s have a look at the main parts that make up a curved soprano sax.

Neck Cork

Literally made from cork-like material, the neck cork is placed on the other end of your mouthpiece which is connected to the rest of your saxophone. The neck cork plays an essential role by keeping all the air in the saxophone when you start blowing on it.


Attached to the neck of the saxophone, this is where the player places their lips or “mouth”. Hence the name. The mouthpiece is attached to the neck cork.


Designed to hold the reed which is also located in the mouthpiece.


Refers to the neck of the saxophone (The curvy mouthpiece area). Some people refer to this part as the “gooseneck”. Due to the shape.

Octave Pin

Located near the octave key. Helps to hold the octave key in place.


Refers to the longest part of the sax. Some people also call it the back of the saxophone.

Octave Key

Helps to raise the octave of the notes that you may play on a sax. Helps to create a more dynamic sound.

Neck Screw

Screw that goes around the neck area to make sure everything stays put.


These are like buttons but they are actually keys on a saxophone. Just blow into the mouthpiece, press the buttons and you’ll hear the played sounds.


The part where the sound comes out (The giant hole) is known as the bell. Sounds better than a ‘giant hole’ right?


Helps protect your keys in case you drop your sax during a love performance or while just practicing.


This is basically the base of the trumpet or the bottom part of it.


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