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A level can be useful for a variety of jobs. You can use it in building a deck, you can use it in hanging pictures, or you can use it for big construction projects. Primitive tools that use air bubbles and liquids are far from being accurate. If you’re looking for precision and effectiveness over vast distances, then you should invest in getting the best laser level. A laser level is both very accurate and self-leveling.

Before we get to that point, we have to go through a number of aspects. One of which is how you’re going to make use of the laser level. Here is the reality of the situation; a professional contractor will need a more advanced level compared to a homeowner who’s just looking to hang up some frames. And also you have to keep in mind the question of where you are going to use it as well as the kind of display you want to have.

But you’re lucky to know that we went through all that trouble for you. Scouring the internet and reading reviews, we have found a collection of the best laser levels that you can find for any given purpose.

The Best Laser Levels – Our Picks

DEWALT Line Laser, Self-Leveling, Black, 3-Beam (DW089K)
SKIL 50ft. Red Self-Leveling Cross Line Laser Level with Horizontal and Vertical Lines, Rechargeable Lithium Battery with USB Charging Port,...
BOSCH GLL 55 50 FT Self-Leveling Cross-Line Laser, Includes 3 AA Batteries, Magnetic Mounting Bracket, Laser Target Plate, & Hard Carrying Case
DEWALT Line Laser, Self-Leveling, Black, 3-Beam (DW089K)
SKIL 50ft. Red Self-Leveling Cross Line Laser Level with Horizontal and Vertical Lines, Rechargeable Lithium Battery with USB Charging Port,...
BOSCH GLL 55 50 FT Self-Leveling Cross-Line Laser, Includes 3 AA Batteries, Magnetic Mounting Bracket, Laser Target Plate, & Hard Carrying Case

#1 – DEWALT DW089K Self-Leveling Laser Level

DEWALT Line Laser, Self-Leveling, Black, 3-Beam (DW089K)
  • DEWALT laser level has 3-beam line laser to aid in 90-degree layout
  • Laser level tool has 2 times brighter diode to increase visibility in bright job-site conditions
  • Self leveling laser level features built-in magnetic pivot bracket mounts easily on metal surfaces

We start off our list of the best laser levels with simply the Best laser level in the market: the DEWALT DW089K. It is impeccably accurate and built for a high level of professional Construction. It’s got an operation system that depends on only one button and an easy to read control panel. The great thing about it is that it is suitable for both amateurs and experts. It’s also very bright, making it effortlessly visible.

You’ll be able to quickly layout sections of cabinets, chair rails, and studs not needing to use any other level thanks to the triple line laser.

The precision that the adjustment knob delivers is good enough that you won’t have to go through a lot of tuning to get the needed layout. If we were to dig out a downside, it would have to be that this level does not have a powerful magnet. But this issue can be easily overcome by attaching a separate magnet. All in all, of this is one of the best laser levels that you can get your hands on, and we can recommend it all day long.

What we like about it

The main perk of this level is that it is self-leveling. It’s also nice to know that it has a very long battery life that will allow you to work comfortably for long periods of time. The accuracy that it delivers is basically unparalleled, and the cherry on top of all of that is the multi-level laser. What else could you ask for in the overall best self-leveling laser level?

#2 – Johnson Level 40-0921 Self-Leveling Laser Level Kit

Johnson Level & Tool 40-0921 Self-Leveling Cross-Line Laser Kit, 19 x 10", Red, 1 Laser Level Kit
  • LASER LEVEL: This line laser self-levels and indicates out-of-level position with the help of the visual out of level...
  • PERFORMANCE: This cross-line laser can simultaneously project two clear; clean laser lines; one vertical and one...
  • APPLICATIONS: This self-leveling laser level is a versatile tool that comes in handy for various leveling projects...

If the requirements you’re looking to fulfill revolve around home use, your best might be the Johnson Level 40-0921 Self-Leveling Kit – our pick for the title of the best laser level for homeowners.

The laser level that this kit comes with is magnificent. It can project both vertical leveling lasers and horizontal ones at the same time. At 35 ft you get up to a 1/4″ of accuracy, which makes it very suitable for anyone looking for extreme precision. Besides that, this one self levels within 6 degrees, which means that you only have to make small tweaks for it to get to an exact level line.

This model’s range makes it very suitable for hanging shelves, pictures and other items that may require accurate leveling while potentially being spread out (it makes it hard to get the right placement with the naked eye).

By purchasing it, you get yourself a case and also safety glasses, which is always nice to have just alongside your work pants and chainsaw chaps. The tripod that comes with it, although extendable to only four feet of length, is also a welcomed addition.

On the flip side, you can’t choose traditional camera tripods to raise the level any further because it uses a proprietary thread. Beyond that, this laser level is still impeccable at making hanging jobs that require precision easy and effortless, which is why we’re giving it the title of the best laser level for homeowners.

What we like about it

What’s great about this laser level is that it provides the feature of self-leveling. The accuracy that it offers is quite impressive even from a distance. Besides that, it’s cool the manufacturers included a tripod with the product. And a cherry on top would have to be the case that comes with safety glasses, who can say no to those? If you’re looking for the best laser level for homeowners, you’ve just found it!

#3 – AdirPro Cube 790-360 Horizontal Home Laser-Level

Being able to cast the laser up to 230 ft away sure does sound like an attractive feature, especially if it’s still manageable when the working area is far from the base. If that sounds nice, then the AdirPro Cube 790-360 Horizontal laser is a product worth considering.

The laser can be cast around the model at 360 degrees, meaning that you won’t have to reposition the base when you’re trying to level a cabinet for example. Additionally, it does come with a tripod and a case, so transporting it from one place to another with you won’t be hard or hazardous, even in bad conditions.

The accuracy on this thing goes up to an eighth of an inch at the distance of 30 feet, which means it is one of the most precise laser levels that you can get, even if it is not close to your working area.

Just like our top pick on this list, this laser level is self-leveling. And when it is used in that mode, its accuracy reaches up to 4 degrees. Laser level batteries are also provided, which is never a bad addition. And it gives you the freedom to use it immediately after getting it with no need for further purchases.

The downside of this laser level is that it’s neither dustproof nor waterproof, so you’ll have to be careful when you use it outside. In addition to that, the laser isn’t very clear outside during day time. So, if you’re looking to do much of your work outdoors during the day, you should probably look for something different. Keeping it inside, this one does the job just right and can be the best laser level for homeowners, depending on your preferences.

What we like about it

One of the coolest aspects of purchasing this laser level is the fact that it comes with its own batteries. In addition to that, it also provides you were the case out of tripod when you buy it. The accuracy in this laser level is outstanding and provides a very vast range, which is why we’re labeling it as the second-best laser level for homeowners.

#4 – Topcon RL-H5A Laser Level

Topcon RL-H5A Self-Leveling Rotary Grade Laser Level
  • MULTI-PURPOSE LASER: Grading, excavating and general construction projects are perfect applications for the RL-H5A. With...
  • EASY TO USE: With electronic self-leveling, you press the power button and go right to work in seconds. If the RL-H5A...
  • LONG RANGE WITH HIGH ACCURACY: Need to shoot elevations up to 800 m from your laser? No problem - this instrument has...

Power and accuracy are what the Topcon RL-H5A delivers. This is a laser with a manual one axis slope, 1.5-millimeter precision and 800 meters (2600 feet) of long-range active use.

The motors of this laser or self-leveling and super-fast, giving you results as accurate as ±10 arc seconds (or ±1/16 inch at 100 feet).

But its most impressive features is the fact that it will auto self-level within ±5° of the level. If you’re going to be working in a place where large vehicles are constantly causing vibrations in the ground, this laser level will take care of itself and self-level whenever it is disrupted.

Different weather conditions won’t be much trouble to the level’s rigid IP66 weatherproof rating. You can work in dusty environments, you can work during the rain, and you won’t have to worry about the components on the inside being damaged. This product was built to be tough, and it certainly shows.

One drawback is the fact that it weighs 2.3kg, which makes it a bit bulky for amateurs. But if you’re a professional that won’t be much trouble for you and this laser level would be a good fit for your needs.

What we like about it

In summary, Topcon RL-H5A impressive accuracy, its excellent working distance, and its self-leveling horizontal rotary laser allow it to be one of the greatest rotary lasers that you’d want to use for outdoor work. Additionally, the level comes with batteries, a case, and an LS-80L smart-long-range receiver. All of that makes it easy to see why we’re crowing this fine piece of machinery as the best outdoor laser level.

#5 – DEWALT DW088LG Green Laser Level

DEWALT 12V MAX Laser Level, Cross Line Laser, Green (DW088LG)
  • DEWALT laser level has 12V lithium-ion rechargeable power tool battery platform for extra long run time and the...
  • Self-leveling cross lines of the laser level tool project bright crossing horizontal and vertical lines for various...
  • DEWALT green laser level has four times brighter green laser technology for visibility in long range interior...

This is one of the most basic laser levels that you can find on the market if you were to compare it to other models. It may not pack various different features, but one thing that makes it stand out over other laser levels is the green color of the laser rather than the traditional red. This allows it to be clear to the naked eye from a farther distance and from various points of observation. Consequently, a drawback of this feature would be the fact that the battery will be drained much faster when compared to red laser levels.

Fortunately, the battery is rechargeable despite it not lasting for long periods of time. Now obviously this one adds another task for you to take care of every time you use the laser level, but if you keep a schedule and recharge it every night after use, you’ll still get a level that can run for 8 to 14 hours at full power.

What we like about it

The neat feature that this level provides is the fact that its battery is rechargeable. Additionally, its dust resistance is very dependable. It provides a long-range of clear visibility, and, of course, it is self-leveling. Having the DeWalt label is just the cherry on top. In a nutshell, this is the tool you need if you’re looking for the best green laser level.

#6 – Topcon RL-H4C Rotary Laser Level

Topcon RL-H5A Self Leveling Horizontal Rotary Laser with Bonus EDEN Field Book, IP66 Rating Drop, Dust, Water Resistant, 800m Construction Laser,...
  • MULTI-PURPOSE LASER: Grading, excavating and general construction projects are perfect applications for the RL-H5A. With...
  • EASY TO USE: With electronic self-leveling, you press the power button and go right to work in seconds. If the RL-H5A...
  • LONG RANGE WITH HIGH ACCURACY: Need to shoot elevations up to 800 m from your laser? No problem - this instrument has...

Are you looking for high accuracy? Looking for the best rotary laser level that’s easy to use? Then you should probably look into the Topcon RL-H4C.

The Topcon RL-H4C can cover vast distances at very precise measurement. Actually, when compared to other laser levels that we have on our list, the range on this one beats all others by a great margin. It can reach up to 2600 feet with a detector. Whether you’re working on a big project or a smaller one, this one is a good fit, and it will get the job done.

It also happens to be one of the easier laser levels to read when compared to others. It’s all thanks to the two different LCD displays. They are bright and clear, making them easy to see. This model is characterized by long battery life, despite having an extensive range in high brightness. Even after excessive use, it will still provide you with around 100 hours of power after changing the batteries.

One negative point that we have to mention is that this laser level cannot handle cold temperatures, despite being dustproof and weatherproof. Of course, this isn’t a deal-breaker, but it is something that you would want to keep in mind if you’re working area is known for its cold weather (we’re talking about anything below 50°F). Aside from that, it remains a great pick and one of the best laser levels that you can get.

What we like about it

There are a lot of great things about this one. It is, as you might expect from all great laser levels, self-leveling. It is highly resistant to water and almost completely safe to use in a dusty environment. With a detector, it can reach a very distant range. The results are easily interpreted thanks to its LCD display. It also assures a long battery life and exact measurements. Mr. Best Rotary Laser Level much?

#7 – Bosch Self-Leveling Cross-Line Laser GLL 55

BOSCH GLL 55 50 FT Self-Leveling Cross-Line Laser, Includes 3 AA Batteries, Magnetic Mounting Bracket, Laser Target Plate, & Hard Carrying Case
  • VISIMAX TECHNOLOGY: Built-in technology deliveres maximum line visibility in standard working conditions.
  • EASY TO USE: Provides simple laser setup modes to project vertical, horizontal and cross lines. The laser can project 2...
  • SELF LEVELING: Includes Smart Pendulum System that allows the reliable laser tool to self level while also indicating...

The Bosch brand has made a name for producing some of the best laser levels on the market, just like Stihl is known for making some of the finest chainsaws available today. What you get from them are very durable products aimed to accomplish specific goals, such as hanging frames, which is why we’re giving this model the title of the best laser level for hanging pictures.

Bosch’s own Visimax technology that’s been incorporated to the GLL 55 will give you as much as 50 feet of laser visibility working in standard conditions. You can project horizontal, vertical, and Crosslines thanks to the simple laser setup modes that it has.

It is most notably convenient for hanging up pictures on walls. All you have to do is fix it on a tripod stand or maybe use the magnetic L-mount, turn on the laser level, let it do its job, and there you go. It’s all done.

But you can still use it for a variety of jobs. It can be useful for hanging up paintings, putting up cabinet doors, curtain rods or towel holders when moving from one house to another and various other interior decors. It was made to self-level through its smart pendulum self-leveling system.

However, one thing that we have to mention is that this laser level isn’t very suitable for use outdoors and during daylight. Nevertheless, it does a great job indoors, which is why we consider it to be the best laser level for hanging pictures.

In summary, the GLL 55 is a great tool to rely on to easily accomplish tasks of varying complexities. This is the kind of accuracy you want to have when using a level.

What we like about it

This laser level features a long line range that is both precise and easy to operate. It has got an IP54 rating for working in dust and rain during harsh conditions. It has also got strong magnetic L-Mount brackets to allow it to attach to steel. All of that makes it the best laser level for hanging pictures.

#8 – DEWALT DW088K Self-Leveling Cross Line Laser

DEWALT Line Laser, Self-Leveling, Cross Line, Red Beam (DW088K)
  • DEWALT laser level is durable and has over molded housing with a 1 meter drop rating
  • Laser level tool has patented integrated magnetic bracket
  • Self leveling laser level is water and debris resistant with an IP54 rating

Our top pick on this list was a DeWalt product. Thankfully, the DW088K is not far from it. This thing has almost identical features to the DW089K minus the extra beam.

If small indoor activities like installing cabinets are what you’re aiming to do, then you should probably stop searching and go get yourself this one.

One of the best features that this DeWalt offers is its impressive portability. No matter where you are, you can just take it with you. Seeing how this laser level is so convenient and easy to use, jobs, like working on electrical Plumbing Systems or laying tiles, will become rather effortless and you will get your money back from buying this model in a few months. This is very suitable for small businesses thanks to its high precision and excellent reliability, which is why we’re labeling it as the best laser level for builders and professionals.

The one downside that we have to talk about is the fact that it does not come with a Locking System, which may be inconvenient for indoor Carpenters. But for everyone else, this would still be a great product.

What we like about it

This laser level allows you to work Outdoors for a distance of 165 feet. It is also very durable and sturdy. If you’re looking for an inexpensive and portable laser level that is also the best cross line laser level that you can find, then the DW088k is your top choice.  

This is the product for Constructors who do installations for drop ceilings, partition walls, and wall fixtures.  The bottom line is, if you work in a small business, if you focus mainly on tiling, carpentering, and bathroom surveying, then you shouldn’t have any second thoughts about buying this product, as it’s the best laser level for builders.

#9 – Hammerhead Compact Self-Leveling Cross Line Laser with Clamp

HAMMERHEAD HLCL01 Compact Self-Leveling Cross Line Laser with Clamp
  • Self-Leveling Cross Line Laser projects bright lines, ideal for the alignment of tiles, wall studding, windows, doors,...
  • Accuracy: 1/4 in. at a range of 30 ft.
  • Three laser-line modes: Level, Plumb and Cross-Line

Just as you would guess from the name this laser level was made in a compact design. The level comes with an adjustable mounting clamp, which simply makes it one of the best products for hanging pictures quickly.

The laser lines that you get from this product are even brighter than the Johnson Level & Tool 40-6603 and Bosch GLL 55, which we have talked about earlier. You can get projections in horizontal, vertical, and cross lines with an accuracy of ±1/4-inch at the distance of 30 feet.

It has also got an LED indicator that becomes red whenever positioned outside of the self-leveling range. And the self-leveling is at 4 degrees of level.

You won’t have to invest big bucks on a brand with a big name to get the perfect laser level. This specific product will help you accomplished most leveling tasks tile alignment to hanging wall paint.

The clamp that comes with it does an excellent job at sticking to rough surfaces like ladder sides or frame Lumber. But if you’re going to work around smoother or thicker surfaces, like door jambs for example, then you might want to get yourself a tripod to help you out.

Summarizing what we talked about, this is the best small laser level that you can get, and it’s all thanks to the three laser line modes and its small compact design which makes it perfect for indoor leveling jobs.

What we like about it

While it may not be the Ideal Laser Level for daylight jobs outside of the house, it makes up for that by having a handy clamp that can be used to attach to surfaces. It is also effortless to set up and use. And the fact that it is very lightweight and compact is just the cherry on top, which is why we consider it to be one of the best laser levels you can get today.

#10 – SKIL Self-Leveling Homeowner’s Laser Level

SKIL 50ft. Red Self-Leveling Cross Line Laser Level with Horizontal and Vertical Lines, Rechargeable Lithium Battery with USB Charging Port,...
  • PROJECTS LINE - The laser level tool projects a bright red horizontal plus vertical line onto surfaces up to 50 ft., so...
  • SELF-LEVELING - The laser level automatically levels to cut out any guesswork.
  • CONVENIENT CHARGING - The integrated rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery has a convenient micro-USB charging port.

And now we come to the last entry on our list with another great candidate for the title of the best laser level for homeowners. If you’re looking for a pick that is relatively cheaper compared to other products that we have mentioned, yet still want to get as much performance as possible out of it, then get yourself the LL932301. This model will cost you only half the price of the top 2 laser levels that we talked about in our list. So, this is definitely the best pick for anyone who’s trying to keep a low budget, but it is still a worthy pick for anyone to consider.

This laser level is precise to within 4 degrees of level, and it has an auto-leveling feature. So it will save you a lot of trouble and give you reliable results.

The battery that comes with it is also rechargeable. This will allow you to save a lot of money on purchasing batteries, and it is also eco-friendly. It’s the kind of laser level that you can rely on when tackling outdoor tasks since its accuracy reaches 3/16ths of an inch at the distance of 30 feet.

While the unit does not provide you with a tripod when you buy, it does come with a stand and a clamp giving you some mounting choices. And if you don’t necessitate a tripod for your work, then save yourself some money and get this product because it will suit your needs.

What we like about it

There’s a lot to like about this one. It gives very precise results. It comes with a rechargeable battery. It’s got Auto leveling. And last but not least it is available at a very reasonable price. All of that makes it worthy of a spot in our “best laser level” roundup, and the ultimate best if you’re looking for the bang for your buck.

Choosing the Best Laser Level – Buying Guide

[BG] Best Laser Level

Okay, so now that we have gone through our top picks for the title of the best laser level, one question must be asked: How do you decide on which one fits your needs best?

Before you can answer this question, we have to study and dissect the different factors that go into choosing the best laser level. This is the section where we do that. We will talk about the various elements that make up such a product, and at the end, you’ll be able to paint a picture of your ideal laser level.

Without further ado, here’s what you need to consider when looking for the best laser level:

Types of the Best Laser Levels

There are quite a few different types of laser levels that you can choose from. Here are a number of them:

Line laser: Line lasers are the most basic form of the products that you can find on the market. You place the laser level on the surface or the wall, and a single level line will be sent on the surface. Given the fact that you get to easily read from the provided line, hanging different items like pictures, for example, becomes very simple.

Dot laser: As you might guess from the name, what this laser level does is send out a series of dots in the level plane.

Rotary laser: The similarity between a rotary laser and line laser is the fact that they both project out a line. But, one huge distinction between the two is the fact that the rotary laser puts a line on every wall in a room. This would allow you to make sure that everything in a room is on level. When compared to other laser levels, you may find that these ones are a little bit more expensive and are utilized for construction works. We’re talking about grading, foundation and so on.

Laser Power and Class

Safety classes have been put in place to allow engineers and end-users to determine the level of danger of any given laser. Back in the 1970s was when the original standard first published, but then a revised version was set in 2002.

Power is the factor according to which laser level are classified, which translates to how much damage they can make in contact with skin or eyes or via fire. Most laser levels are categorized into either class 2 or 3, which means that operating a laser level is considered to be very safe. However, there are some safety concerns that you need to be aware of, and whenever using a laser level, you must protect your eyes at all times and the eyes of those who are around you.


When compared to older tools, this is by far the most impressive feature that the best laser level can offer. Getting a level line with a bubble level will require you to alter the level, meaning that it will be quite difficult to accomplish any given task.

By introducing the laser level, that job becomes way easier. All you have to do is set it in the location you need to do your work on, and just like that, it will give you a clear line to follow. And no need to mention that most laser levels are designed in a way to be attachable when used. The combination of these features gives you a hands-free, easy-to-finish job.


If you want to get refined results at the end of your job and then you want to have the most accurate laser level you can get your hands on. One way to determine that is by examining how many dots, different lines or points of reference the laser level has. The accuracy increases with the number of points of reference it has.


This is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a laser level. If you can’t see the laser, the dots and lines will not be visible to be used as points of reference; this will definitely limit the efficiency of your work.

Of course, this will vary from one place to another, depending on the environment that you usually work in. So, if you’re working in an outside environment, you will definitely need a bright laser. But if you’re working indoors, it won’t be much of a problem.


One of the factors to consider when buying the best laser level is how far it can reach. There’s a wide variety on the market, and it will depend on how much you’re willing to spend.

The range that you are going to need heavily depends on how you’re going to use the best laser level. So you’ll have to make your estimations and always go for range slightly higher than what you thought of. So if just in case you happen to need a bit more reach, you won’t find yourself in a tough situation, because then it might be too late to go out and buy a new laser level.

Number of Beams or Spots

This will depend on how advanced of a job you have to accomplish. The more advanced the job is, the more advanced level you have to buy will be.

Advanced here means that it will have more dots/Beams for faster reference points. On the other hand, if you’re not looking to work on a very complicated project, going with a basic type of laser levels will do just fine, plus it will save you money at the end of the day.


Scouring the market, you’ll notice just two colors that you can choose for your best laser level; it would be either green or red.

The choice of the color isn’t just an aesthetic decision to make. Each color is ideal for a specific job in a particular environment. If you’re planning to work outdoors during daylight, a green laser will be more fitting. On the other hand, red laser would work best for indoor activities.

Laser Detectors/Receivers

This is a necessary component if you’re planning to use a rotary laser outdoors. Basically, what these tripod detectors do is help you determine whether your laser is level or not, especially since it will be rather tricky for you to have clear visibility during daylight.

Ingress Protection Rating

What this rating scale does is give you information on two different factors that may hinder the performance of your laser level. The first digit varying from 1 to 7 lets you know how tightly your laser level is sealed from dust. The closer it gets to 7, the better.

As for the second digit, it lets you know how resistant your level is to water. It goes from 1 to 9. And again the closest it gets to 9 the better. It will all depend on the environment that you’re planning to work in. Always go for the laser that will show you the safety and protection you will need for the device.


Are you a person who will be moving around constantly while you work? If so, then you might want to consider getting a laser level with great portability. If your workstation is at home and you won’t be moving around with it, then you can get a relatively large one without having to worry about it too much.

There are a number of smaller models on the market that would be suitable for people on the go. Of course, the smaller the product you’re going to get, the fewer features going to have and the less powerful the laser will be.

Mounting System

The majority of laser levels will allow you to mount the products in different ways. This gives you adaptability do the different circumstances you might find yourself in a while working.

The mounting systems will differ from one product to another. Some might use vise-like grips, while others might use magnets. Whichever type of system you choose, just make sure that it is versatile enough to attach to different kinds of surface. We’re talking about tripods, struts, bars, and pipes.

Power Source

If you go through all of the laser levels on our list, you’ll find that all of them use some kind of battery power. Now, this might be different from one model to another. Some would use AA batteries, while others might have a rechargeable battery. What’s excellent about standard batteries is that they are quite cheap and easy to put in and out of place. But when compared to a chargeable battery, they will not last as much, and they will not be usable more than once.

When it comes to the price, rechargeable batteries would cost you more than standard batteries. This is obviously due to the fact that they can be used more than once when recharged. Just make sure that you always recharge them so that you will not run into a situation where you’ll need laser level, but yours is completely out of power.

Battery Life

Two things factor in the life battery of the best laser level that you want to get. One of them, as we have stated before, is the type of the cell. Again, rechargeable batteries will last longer than AA or AAA ones and can obviously be recharged. The downside of them is the fact that they will take a longer time to charge. Also, if they run out as you work, you can’t simply replace them with other ones.

The second factor to consider when looking for the best laser level is how frequently you’ll be utilizing the tool. It’s going to be daily then the more logical option would be to go with rechargeable batteries. Just keeping a schedule for recharging and you’ll save some cash. If your laser leveling is going to be occasional, then standard batteries will probably be more fitting.

Picking the Best Laser Level – Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Self-Leveling Range?

Self-leveling indicates the difference from the level of the laser housing for the internal leveling mechanisms allowing the device to level itself adequately.

Instead of having to waste a lot of time trying to adjust the level to the perfect position, this feature does that for you.

If you read “self-leveling with 4 degrees”, that would mean that the device can create the level beam within the 4 degrees range.

Surpassing 4 degrees, the laser level won’t be able to do this and will signal the user to indicate that it is outside of the self-leveling range.

Can Laser Levels Be Used in Daylight?

There aren’t any laser levels that are clear and visible several meters away outdoors during the day.

The majority of rotating lasers have receivers that detect the rotating dot laser at specific distances. The laser beam may not be visible during daytime.

When using rotating lasers indoors, you can adjust the setting to scan line mode to create visible lines. Laser enhancement glasses can also help.

Always look out for electronics receivers to pick up lines if you’re thinking about doing jobs outdoors.

When it comes to fixed dot lasers, invisibility will fade away after 10 meters of distance. So you might want to get a reflective Target or wear glasses to get better visibility. We would all love to be able to use a laser that can be clearly visible during day time at any given distance. But this will simply necessitate a very powerful laser, and obviously, that can be potentially dangerous.

Can Eyes Be Damaged by the Laser?

The incidence of flash blindness is the most common injury caused by lasers.

This would happen if the eyes were to be exposed to a highly intense light flash for several seconds or even minutes. And the damage can be either temporary or permanent.

Flash blindness can get even worse over time, especially for anyone regularly involved in visually-demanding jobs, like driving vehicles, for example. There have been multiple documented incidents of Pilots suffering from flash blindness caused by lasers intentionally Pointed at them from the ground.

The damage that happens to the retina caused by the lasers can lead to permanent blindness.
To prevent any incidents from happening, the laser level should be set appropriately.

The laser beam on the laser level can cause irritation to the eyes if they were to ever be exposed to it occasionally, but there usually won’t be any case of permanent eye damage (like the camera flash). In any case, looking directly at the laser for a prolonged period of time is something to be avoided.

It’s worth noting that laser products such as levels are classified into different categories and have warning labels to alert users.

How Important Is the Accuracy Rating in the Best Laser Level?

Well, this will depend on the task that you try to execute. What’s important is meeting the level of accuracy that is needed for the job.

You’ll find that old laser levels have a tolerance rating that can go from 1 to 8 millimeters in 20 meters. Anything within that given range can be used for interior jobs of short distances. On the other hand, for exterior jobs that go long distances, having a laser that goes from 1 millimeter to 4 millimeters in 20 meters will do the trick. But when it comes to a highly specialized engineering job, the tolerance rating becomes essential.

What Is the IP Rating?

IP rating (short for Ingress Protection) is a standard that’s used internationally to indicate the effectiveness of the ceiling against water, moisture, dust, and dirt.

2 digits are set to give you an idea about the dust and water resistance. It would go from 0 to 6 for dust and from 0 to 8 for water.

Here is how it goes:
0: not protected
3: protected from particles > 2.5mm
4: 1mm particle protection
5: dust protected with minimal dust intrusion
6: dust-tight

A significant number of laser levels are rated from 4 to 6 for dust resistance. A laser that has an X instead of a number is not rated for dust.

The second digit indicates the water resistance. Here’s how it goes:
0: no protection
2: protection from dripping water
4: protection from water sprayed in all directions
5: higher water pressure
6: streaming water
7: short period of immersion
8: full water submersion protection.

It’s essential to keep in mind that even with the highest rating of water resistance, it is advised that you keep the laser level as dry as possible. Constant exposure to water will still cause damage.

So, What Do I Do in Wet Weather?

The laser levels that have a high IP are a minority, even though most lasers will still be fine when exposed to the Rain.

If the laser level is not dried properly before storing it within its case, and if it is put in a most airtight environment, the moisture will increase the humidity, allowing the water particles to leak inside the casing of the unit. The water will condense and will cause damage to the internal parts.

If you think that any amount of water has leaked into your device, then you should rush to dry it right away to avoid any corrosion. You might also want to get some tips from the manufacturer by contacting them if possible.

How Can I Use the Best Laser Level in Windy Conditions?

When working in high winds, you want to keep your laser level as safe as possible. You can do so by spreading the tripod legs as far as possible from each other to gain a broader base. This will secure it in place and reduce vibrations.

You might also want to check on the leveling of the device and calibration which might be influenced by the wind.


Laser levels make for a vast improvement over traditional models. They offer you the opportunity to set up a perfect level and square gridwork patterns, which would make everything easier for you. They are also characterized by self-leveling. Laser levels are great for installing cabinets, chair rails, studs, cutouts, and so much more.

We only hope that through the information that we have provided with this article, you will be able to pick the best laser level for your necessities.

What’s stopping you from leveling up every inch of your property, then?


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