Best Travel Router You Can Buy in 2021

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Are you traveling or working remotely and worried about how to go online? Or, perhaps you want to be connected, even while on-the-go? You may not want to use a hotspot from your phone. Network plans are expensive, and you could be out of your allocated data before you know it. When you have a public WiFi available, you should take advantage of it. As many as one in four public Wi-Fi hotspots may be compromised, according to one report.

To do that, take a look at travel routers, portable devices that ensure that you are always connected.

Quick Picks

Here are 3 models we pick out from the options that you can compare based on the features, budget and performance.

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Top 8 Best Travel Routers For 2021

After all of your packing for your journey, a travel router is what you last need to make for a pleasing experience. Keep flaunting your best captures and photos. Keep in touch with your friends and family. A travel router will make all these possible. And here are some of the best you will find today.

#1 – RAVPower FileHub Travel Router

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An all in one travel router hosting an external hard disk and a card reader, it allows multiple untethered connections.

Ideal for family travel, you get to choose from two different bandwidth options. It offers a good network speed of 300MBs per second with a 2.4GHz bandwidth. You can achieve up to 433MBs per second with a 5GHZ bandwidth. These high speeds keep your downloads and upload fast while traveling, enabling you to create a stable one-on-one connection to your friends on social media platforms.

Keep your wired connection as a private connection and limit the access of the network to unauthorized persons.


  • Most versatile travel router
  • Achieves the highest speed
  • All in one router
  • Ideal for connection to many tethered devices.


  • It is reported to be cumbersome in setting it up.

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Small enough to fit your pocket-size, the router offers speeds of up to 300Mbs, ideal for any traveling internet needs. Handle intensive network operations with this router from anywhere.

It doubles up as a range extender and repeater too and works with just about any access point – making it a popular choice. Power it up with a wall outlet or even through the micro USB port. You can also use a Chromecast and connect to the TP-Link N300 seamlessly.

Create a hotspot for your friends when you want.


  • A budget router at a fair price.
  • Comes with a micro USB port for charging.
  • A fairly good internet speed connection.


  • Just one micro USB port available.

#3 – Securifi Almond

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Some routers have a quick setup. And then some need as less as three minutes to get started – like the Securifi Almond.

Looking elegant and aesthetic, the Securifi Almond features some of the more advanced features on the market, making it ideal for both home and travel use.

Among the most versatile routers you may find in the market, it serves as both a router and range extender. You may not always need an extender, but should you do, you would love this one. It serves both purposes, comfortably with convenience.

With the parental control feature – which supports voice recognition – it gets easy to ensure you can restrict access when needed.

One of the few routers to feature a touch screen, Securifi Almond offers you the compatibility and flexibility you are looking for. The ethernet feature ensures that you cag connect more devices – including your old TV’s that may not have a wireless connectivity feature.


  • Serves as both a router and a range extender.
  • Compatible with most other routers.
  • High speed and comes with a screen touch.
  • It can extend Wi-Fi over very long distances.


  • Reported to have a long tiresome registration process

#4 – GL.iNet GL-AR750S-Ext Gigabit

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This one’s a developers’ paradise built with one inspiration – convenience. The dual band AC router takes seconds to create a private network connection to your devices from public Wi-Fi, ensuring your data stays safe even when you aren’t in your home network. It’s open source, and you can customize it as you need. Whether you are at the café, travelling or working remotely, you will love what it has to offer.

The router comes with dual bandwidth of 300Mbs for 2.4GHz and 500Mbs for 5GHz. In addition, the router is compatible with 25+ VPN service providers. Connect with different Wi-Fi routers to create a safe connection. It’s also one of the few routers that offers advanced TLS security protocol – ensuring more privacy and preventing eavesdropping.

It’s ideal if you are looking to use it as a workplace router – including when working remotely. The pre-configured CloudFlare DNS ensures you don’t have to worry about the setup too.

Get a large storage extensibility of 128MB RAM and 16MBNOR Flash, supplemented with a 128MB NAND Flash and up to 128GB Micro SD slot. The router also comes with three Ethernet ports ensuring that you can connect all your devices.


  • Large storage capacity.
  • Dual bandwidth for strongee connection.
  • Compatible with 25+ VPNs
  • Small in size and portable


  • The software seems buggy with random connection cutoffs.

#5 – VIXMINI, Nano Travel Router

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This is as lightweight a router that you can get in the market today. Tiny in size, it’s ideal when you are working outside. Let more people connect to the router, whether it be home, office, or restaurant.

You can create a private connection and a firewall for data protection easily, making it the top choice for many. Plus, all you need to start the router is your laptop or a power bank – making for good convenience.


  • Lightweight and very portable.
  • Good Wi-Fi range.
  • Create a firewall to protect your data from public Wi-Fi hotspots
  • Low power consumption


  • Limited in the number of external devices it can support.

#6 – GL.iNet GL-USB150 Microuter

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Put in the shirt pocket and be ready to go. Ideal for working professionals, it is open-source and programmable with 25+ VPN service provider’s support.

With a speed of 150MBs, the router has a cross-platform responsive design and can connect to multiple devices at the same time.


  • Very portable and lightweight.
  • Supports 5000+ plugins.
  • Supports safe surfing with VPN activation.
  • The VPN unblocks geo-restricted contents.


  • Reported to switch between networks randomly at times.

#7 – GL.iNet GL-AR300M

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Protect your data when surfing through public Wi-Fi, throughout your journey. It creates a private connection of both wired or wireless Wi-Fi and a firewall to protect you when sharing with public Wi-Fi. In addition, it comes with a network that connects to both 3G and 4G to ensure a steady internet connection.

Weighing just 39gm, it’s very portable. You can power it by a wall charger, a laptop USB cable or even a power bank. This router is compatible with 20 VPN service providers and will most probably have your Wi-Fi source compatible with it.


  • It has a large storage of 128MB RAM and 128Mb Nand Flash.
  • Coverts Wi-Fi to a private connection for protection.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Coverts phone or modem tethered network into Wi-Fi with 3/4G connection.


  • Some booting issues

#8 – HooToo Wireless Travel Router

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This model serves multiple functions and is efficient no matter what. With the TripMate Titan, you will be able to share files among multiple USB hard drives and all your devices, such as phone, tablet, and computer. This will help free up space in the devices so that you can get more work done. This product is fantastic as a wireless router, and will definitely impress you.

It converts from a wired network to a wireless network instantly so that you do not have to wait for service. You will be able to bridge and extend Wi-Fi if needed, and you can also share your internet connections securely with other people. What you should remember is that the router does not work as a hotspot and is not compatible with the VPN.

When you are traveling, it can be annoying not to have a stable internet connection. If you just have a network cable in your hotel, you will be able to convert it to a wireless network that is compatible with all your devices at the same time. If you connect the TripMate to any DSL or modem, it will work as a regular wireless router.

The Bridge Mode that comes with the product is convenient because you will no longer have to shell out money for multiple network connections. Once you activate the Bridge Mode, you can just connect and then share the internet with everyone. You can also use TripMate to share media files among all the connected devices and stream content for everyone to watch.


  • Converts a wired network into a wireless network within minutes
  • Bridge Mode allows for easy multiple connections
  • Comes with a built-in 10400mAh power bank, which means that you will never run out of charge at inconvenient locations
  • Allows devices to use a connected USB storage at the same time


  • Does not support VPN connections

What is the Best Travel Router for You?

The world has gone remote today.

At some point, you will find yourself away from your fixed network source and you will still need the internet to complete your work. Relocating to the countryside for vacation will have you away from your home or office network router. Even if you are going to work at Starbucks, you would want to ensure your data remains safe.

Let’s face it – public WiFi’s are not. They are the first target of hackers, and you need to be wary of using one – unless you have a travel router with you. Get the internet connection you need while traveling, and connect to everything from your laptop to your smartphone.

Great for on-field work

Travel routers bring convenience as far as work is concerned. Some work will still need to be fully done when traveling. Take, for example, an intensive field survey where you need to enter the data into the systems – even while traveling.

Keeps you engaged

The need for good network connectivity while traveling may also be for leisure. It’s what will keep you busy during long hours of travel. Connect to friends on social media anytime whether you in a car or a train.

Great for meetings and study groups

Planning for a study group and wondering how to ensure everyone remains connected to the internet? Have a meeting scheduled and want to ensure every team member remains connected? Use one of these travel routers that can ensure a secure WiFi hotspot for everyone.

How do You Choose the Right Travel Router?

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So, what do you need to know to purchase the right travel router?

For one, you need to know the network strength on offer during travel. The area you will be traveling to should also influence your decision of what router you should settle for.

This is because some routers come with high network speed ideal for intensive internet needs while others are loaded with a network to serve your social media image and video messages loading plus a few other limited uses.

How Do I Buy The Best Travel Router?

Here is a questionnaire that will help you buy the best travel router for your journey.

What is the size of your bandwidth?

Remember that the strength of your bandwidth determines the speed and connection that you get from your travel router. So, first check out the strength of the bandwidth with a travel router. We recommend a 5GHZ bandwidth as it’s got a stronger network with faster speeds.

It’s also the Wi-Fi network that you get should be fast enough to support video conferencing and streaming without any distortions. If the connection is not strong enough, you will face lags that can be frustrating in a professional meeting.

If you know that you will be traveling alone, you will not need a router that matches the speed offered by home routers.  Not many hotels and conference centers are equipped to provide you with enormous bandwidth in the first place. However, the Wi-Fi connection should have enough range to be stable in every corner of the hotel room.

What is the Wi-Fi standard for the travel router?

Wi-Fi standard is another quality or property to consider before purchasing a travel router. Remember that we are focusing on supplying network even under remote areas. Therefore a Wi-Fi standard of 802.11ac is recommended.

Does the router come with a high capacity inbuilt battery system?

You will probably not have a stable power source while traveling and therefore you will need a router that has a high capacity battery to serve the purpose for an extended period while traveling.

Check on the power system –  it’s a good idea to get a power bank so that your laptop doesn’t run out of juice faster. You need to remain connected to the internet throughout your journey.

Does it come with Ethernet ports?

Ensure that your Wi-Fi router has Ethernet ports where you can connect other devices. The Ethernet ports can also be used to share your network with your colleagues while traveling together.

Is your router secure?

Wireless travel routers should be secure so that you do not end up giving away important data to anyone who happens to connect to the network. This is especially important if you are traveling for work purposes, and you value confidentiality. You should choose a router that comes with a strong security system.

Most brands incorporate built-in internal security features in their models and enable support for the WPA2 standard. If you feel that you cannot trust hotel networks, then you might want to get a router that can support VPN connections.

What is the size of the router?

It makes no sense to have a travel router whose size requires an added backpack to carry. Convenience while traveling is sort in less bulky luggage. Travel routers always come in small sizes. Consider the nature of your journey to settle on the most convenient size with you. Some travel routers are small such that they can squarely fit in the pocket.

Moreover, it is also important to note the weight of the router that you are buying. Travel routers are usually lightweight, so that they do not make your bags heavier than they need to be. Most manufacturers prioritize portability when creating effective travel routers. It is better if the router has its own battery or can be charged via a computer’s USB port in case you do not want to carry a power adapter as well.

Buy the travel router you need

Have a checklist for all the features you need on your router. Fix a budget and get a router that satisfies all your requirements. A dual-band router works great – since some old devices can only connect to a 2.4 GHz network. Remain connected no matter where you are, and share the fun and experiences with your loved ones. Or, just complete that important work and meet the deadlines – without having to worry about how you can go online.


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